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The Fulfilled 2021 Prophecies of Primate Ayodele – Naijanewsdirect


A Popular prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele on December 22, 2020 released his prophecies for 2021 as revealed to him by God. The prophecies covered most sector of the society; politics, religion, education, sports, among others.

Just as a prophet is known when He says a word and it comes to pass, some of these prophecies released by the man of God has been coming to pass, some came to pass before the new year.

Below are some of them that have been fulfilled

Fire Outbreak in Markets : It is no more news that fire outbreak has been experienced in some popular markets. Some days ago, a popular plank market was on fire in Abuja, some others too have happened causing Nigerians to lose millions on naira. In Primate Ayodele’s prophecy on markets, He stated that some major markets will be set ablaze.

In his words

‘There will be demolition of markets in some states of the federation. We have to pray against fire in the major markets in Bayelsa, Abia, Sokoto, Kano, Lagos, Oyo and Ondo state. Let us pray not to lose any Market Head, President and leaders in markets. Some markets may protest, some may shutdown because of environmental troubles. one markets will be shut down, Ariaria Market in Aba, Onitsha International Market, Alaba International Market. Let’s pray against fire outbreaks in some markets’

Covid-19 : The novel virus that rocked 2020 suddenly came up with its second wave in 2021. So many deaths have been recorded and the numbers of cases have risen. Although some countries claim to have the vaccine already, yet the number of cases have failed to reduce. These were Primate Ayodele’s prophecy on it

‘In 2021, I foresee that Corona Virus is still going to affect so many people in Africa and the European nations despite the Vaccine….’

Plane crash : Sadness rented the air some days ago when a plane from Indonesia crashed and killed lots of people. Primate Ayodele had earlier noted that He foresees a plane crash in 2021, little did we know it was going to come to pass in January.

In his words

‘Lets us pray against plane crash or any plane crash-landing. Let us rebuke a situation where the airplane will over shot its run way. Let’s pray against a jet crash or helicopter crash landing’

Religious Crisis : Many didn’t know what the man of God meant with this prophecy but its getting clearer now. In the religion sector, Primate Ayodele made it known that He foresees a religious crisis in the country in 2021. Echoing this prophecy, the DSS yesterday alerted Nigerians about a religious crisis that is being planned by some unpatriotic elements. Also, some days ago, terrorist attacked a church in the north.

These were Primate Ayodele’s words

‘Let us pray against religious crisis. Let’s pray against attacks in the Churches and Mosques in Nigeria. Let’s pray against the killing of people inside the church or other places of worship. Catholic should pray very well for God’s protection on the Clergy. Cherubim and Seraph will lose a very prominent Baba Aladura. Let us pray against the death of an Anglican Bishop’

Death in nollywood : Everyone would agree that the nollywood industry has literally been mourning since the year began. Some of the veterans in the industry kicked the bucket. Just few days ago, Orisabummi, a veteran actress died, days later, Jim Lawson died too, after Chico Ejiro died on Christmas. These were fulfillment of the Prophecies of the man of God. When he predicted this, these were his words

‘Let’s pray against death among Nollywood and Hollywood artistes. Hip-pop artistes should pray against accident. Let’s pray against death of a Fuji and Highlife musician. Let’s pray against the death of a veteran artist’

Apart from the prophecies the man of God released on December 22nd, some prophecies in his annual book of prophecy 2020/2021 edition have also come to pass in 2021. Some of this prophecies include Gas explosion (Pg 76), Death of professors (pg 244), Protest against hike in electricity (Pg 296), to mention a few

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