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7 Things Every Woman Should Learn To Do For Herself – Naijanewsdirect

When you are younger, you think that adulting is owning a posh house and a car, being able to go out at whatever hour you please wearing whatever tickles your fancy. Then you grow up and you realize that it’s more about trying to fit your bills in your salary, trying to slay on a budget, and about coming up with excuses about why you can’t go out every weekend. Even then, there are things that every woman should learn to do for herself. Here is a look into some of them. Walk Away From Relationships That Don't Serve Her. The best thing about growing up has to be that you finally realize that endurance is overrated. That the quality of a relationship is not determined by how long it lasts. The real test is knowing when enough is enough and having the courage to walk away from that man you’ve been dreaming of growing old with. Cook A Decent Meal. Before you begin throwing stones, I am not suggesting that a woman should learn to cook so that she can feed the men in her life. Uh-uh. A woman should learn to cook because it’s a basic life skill. Why would you want to leave your health and wellness in the hands of other people? Saying No Without Guilt. Girls belong to the community. When you were growing up, while your brothers were encouraged to explore away from home, you were encouraged not to stray too far. Not to forget those you leave behind. As a result, saying no is an uphill task for the Black woman. Saying yes to all requests from planning all of your friends’ birthday surprises to being the treasurer of all chamas is something that you will need to learn. A good place to start is to ask yourself what you are saying yes to each time you