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“The World Must See Our Real Stories The Exact Way They Should Be Seen” – LASU Lecturer, Steven Anu’ Adesemoye – Naijanewsdirect

  A Senior lecturer at Lagos State Polytechnic, Steven Anu' Adesemoye has advocated for the propagation of Yoruba culture and language through the film industry and aid competition with other indigenous industries across the world.   Speaking at the Dallas International Yoruba Movies Awards official presentation held on April 25 at Ambiance Cafe in Ikeja, Adesemoye bemoaned the backstage role which the culture is subjected to by the film Industry.   He said, “The Yoruba film industry should not see its language of expression as a barrier to greater height. Instead, they should improve on their skill set in filmmaking to project the language and compete with other indigenous films across the globe”   He stated that the film industry has a cogent role to play in the preservation of Yoruba culture as it transcends geographical limitations. As a result, the language must be used appropriately to protect the originality of the culture.   In his words, “The only hope for the Yoruba nation in preserving the language is Yoruba film both home and abroad. People now learn how to speak Yoruba language through what they see in films across the globe.” “Therefore, the industry players must pay more attention to the effective use of the language. Proverbs, idioms, anecdotes, etc must be constructed and disseminated. If we must protect and project Yoruba culture, the language must first be protected. Language is the key that opens the tradition and culture”, he added.   He frowned against the misconceptions in the usage of the culture. He further advocated for self-promotion of the cultural heritage. He encouraged collaboration and film tourism as tools which can help boost the industry’s impact in promotion of cultural value across the world.   “Gone are the days when foreigners are allowed to tell our stories to their satisfaction. Yoruba filmmakers must rise to the occasion by telling their stories the