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D’Banj In The Public Toilet (2), Let’s Bring The Koko Master Out -By Peter Thomas – Naijanewsdirect

  We all must stand 100.1% against RAPE or any form of sexual molestation. It's important to note that, A MAN SHOULD ONLY BE CONDEMNED WHEN EVIDENCE(S) ARE PROVIDED AND SEEN THAT THE MAN ACTUALLY COMMITTED THE CRIME OF RAPE, until then, let's cut the dude some slack. Let's bring him out of the toilet. We all MUST ASK to see evidences before we throw the supposed dirty baby away with the bath water. We MUST STOP throwing D'Banj under the bus until proven guilty as charged. We all must wait for the court judgement before we strip the man off of his honors .We must think twice before we make the accused to eat shhht over some cock and bull Let's bring the Koko Master out of the toilet that we have consciously or subconsciously locked him with our acid tongues,damning eyes and unpleasant thoughts since the bird sang that a familiar stranger invaded her privacy.It's been her hypnotizing vocals against his muted beat. Please don't get it twisted, I'm not harping and rapping that the spirit of the biblical Delilah's working and speaking through her but, we must keep in mind that D'Banj stepped on toes in the line of business, , broke some ladies hearts by not allowing them to carry his baby, nor be amongst the Top Ten Kokolets.The Ladies Magnet has bruised the egos of the jealous guys that lost their babes to him.And high-flying individuals that seems to have everything like D'Banj ALWAYS have enemies: Some are UNFORGIVING and will go to any length to get revenge. He's simply a victim of bad advisers who made him to use the police wrongly to arrest and detain his accuser instead of dragging the matter to court, first and foremost. So, please, until the court judgement, let's bring the Koko Master

D’banj In The Public Toilet…by Peter Thomas – Naijanewsdirect

  May They Choose Their Managers Well. This piece is not about who did right or wrong between D'Banj and his female accuser. Let the court of competent jurisdiction settle that Rape Allegation once and for all. However, I have some Success Capsules, so to speak, to share with today's young stars and wannabes.I can only hope their eyes are on this. May what goes into your nose, your mouth, your skin, not get your head stuck in the sky. May you be humble and wise to learn at the feet of one of the elders who has given four decades of his life to the Industry and was the Media Manager cum Publicist of D'Banj and Don Jazzy, right from when they relocated from the UK in 2004 to mid-2009. And to the glory of God no single scandal was recorded against any of the Mo'Hits artistes when I was managing the media and the publicity blitzkrieg. It was after my "hazy" exit that one of them suffered a leaked nude video that went viral, remember? And sadly too, it was after I was "stepped" aside from the team that the inseparable awesome twosome known as D'Banj & Don Jazzy drove caterpillar and bulldozer into the pillars of the empire known as Mo'Hits Records. I still strongly believe If I was still with them as at then, they wouldn't have fallen apart like a badly arranged cards. (It's a story for another day.) SUCCESS CAPSULES :---- Dear forgetful diamonds in the mud, when you are finally under the starlight or in the eye of the public or you've become a celebrity, DO NOT surround yourself with the "Yes-men," the Eye-servicers, and the Praisesingers.These set of Artiste Managers, Publicists are not to be trusted with your career, most often than not, they end up being