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Popular Herbal Medicine Practitioner, Quincy Ayodele’s Daughter, Tobi Ayodele-Keeney Veers Into Integrated Healthcare Services, Says “Traditional Medicine Is The Best For Africans” – Naijanewsdirect


With an impressive track record of treating people with obesity and skin care problems, Quincy Herbals has upgraded and moved into full-fledged integrated healthcare services, now Quincy Wellness & Naturopathic Centre.


Before now, natural weight loss, aesthetic & skin care are the major preoccupation of Quincy Herbals, but a wide range of healthcare services have been added to its stable, ranging from medical clinic, diagnostic lab, home health medical assessment & care, home laboratory services, telemedicine, detailed integrative medical care, traditional medicine etc.


Speaking with journalists at the newly opened office in Ikoyi, Lagos, the Managing Director of the healthcare outfit, Dr Tobi Ayodele-Keeney, reiterated that a team of well-trained and duly certified medical personnel who are always on ground combine western medication with traditional medicine to treat patients with any form of illnesses. And treatments are carried out only after patients had been subjected to laboratory tests. She, however, maintained that priority and emphazises are placed on natural traditional medicine than western medicine.

Dr Tobi Ayodele-Keeney and Quincy Ayodele


“At Quincy Wellness & Naturopathic Centre, we do integrated medicine. World Health Organization (WHO), has said African traditional medicine should be integrated into the healthcare system of Africa. Countries that are proactive have gathered themselves together and started doing it.

At Quincy, we have the licences to practise both services. In our clinic, we offer a wide range of services and treat patients in line with Covid-19 especially, malaria, typhoid to chronic diseases which western medicine could not cure. We go traditional in a modernized way to treat patients. People do not admittedly say they have Covid-19, but we found out that we have been treating Covid-19 related symptoms. There are some hallmark signs that are associated with Covid-19. When we check those signs and they are positive in person’s body, we treat and manage those symptoms and the person gets well. From our experience, we also realized that using drugs alone will not work, but combining medicine with herbs gave us a far better results. And in our quest to make healthcare easily accessible to people, we do home treatment at very affordable charge.”


Dr Tobi Ayodele-Keeney

On the efficacy of traditional medicine over western medicine, Dr Tobi Ayodele-Keeney, an American trained and Master’s Degree holder in nursing from University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA, said, the effectiveness of natural medicine cannot be over-emphasised. She averred that there are limitations to western medicine, whereas in herbal medicine, the limitation is not in the medicine itself, but rather in the application of the medicine. She pointed out that there some extreme health cases that western medicine cannot cure which traditional medicine can treat and cure.


“There are limitations to western medicine, however, in herbal medicine, the limitation is not in the medicine itself, rather in its application, like dosage and standardization, that’s where the limitations are, and not necessarily the medication. However, when the two are joined together by reducing the limitation of western medicine, you reduce the limitation of the application of the traditional medicine, then you get a quicker and healthier result with less side effect in general. Take for instance, in the medical world, there is no treatment for kidney failure, they can only slow down the progression, but in herbal medicine, we can reverse it. Even a stage 4 cancer patient who had been given about one or two months to live can be reversed. We have people that are alive after treatment of stage 4 cancer by Quincy and for the past 6 years they’ve not died.


“At Quincy, traditional medicine is our main medicine and western medicine is the alternative one, meaning if healthy living fails, eating healthy fails, taking the herbs that God has planted on earth to eat as food fails, then we will now make use of western medicine. It should be seen that way and not that we use western medicine first which just treat symptoms and when everything else fails, we now turn to ‘agbo’. That’s what Africans have been doing and it’s failing us.



“Of all the races in the world, black people are at the highest risk of dying young, highest risk of having diabetes, highest risk of high blood pressure and any life threatening illness you can think of. The reason is because we’re doing the wrong thing. The ‘Oyinbos’ are eating their foods and taking their medicine and it’s working for them. We are eating their food, taking their medicine and wondering why it is not working for us. ‘Oyinbos’ will not just stand up and start eating Eba, Amala etc. Their food is conditioned for their kidney, we blacks are mostly suited to be vegetarians – eating vegtables, roots, fruits etc, but we abandoned them and start eating ‘Oyinbo’ foods. If we now falls sick, we take their medicine and if it didn’t work for us, we then remember that we have to take herb ‘agbo’. But at that point, it might be too late.



“At Quincy, we strongly believe in preventative health which our forefathers and mothers do, they don’t wait till when they are sick before they take herb. It was something they take as daily food. How many times are they really eating rice, spaghetti, noodles, or drink soft-drink? Our health, food choices, are in slavery mentality whereby our own things are not okay except the ones from abroad. Our mothers and forefathers lived longer because they don’t eat all we’re eating now and they habitually take herb.”


Talking about how patients are treated at Quincy Wellness & Naturopathic Centre, Dr Tobi Ayodele-Keeney asserted that, “We run some tests on our patients, we do family health history. That is done by our awareness consultants or doctors depending on the condition because we usually work as a team. Based on that, we run a series of baseline tests to make sure that the patients do not have high cholesterol, kidney problem, diabetes etc. All the tests are done here before we start treatment.”



In her own contribution, the founder of Quincy Wellness & Naturopathic Centre, Mrs Quincy Ayodele was full of thanks to Almighty God for giving her the rare opportunity to witness the revolution and integration of her brainchild by her daughter, Tobi Ayodele-Keeney. She, however, admonished Nigerian doctors to pay adequate attention to figures of the laboratory tests of patients in a bid to effectively treat them.


“In the years past, I was mostly known for herbal slimming. I thank God that my assurances back then that my daughter will revolutionize Quincy herbals has come to pass. I thank God for the official opening of Quincy Wellness & Naturopathic Centre last year (2020), and God has used us to save many lives. I want to also use this opportunity to implore Nigerian doctors to pay more attention to the figures after laboratory test of patients and start treatment. Even after some patients tested negative to Covid-19, they should still do test again, we gathered that some people died after being tested negative because we realized that the disease process has already caused a lot of damage in their body”, she concluded.

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