Before every election in the world, Primate Ayodele is known to always give some prophetic revelation about how the winner will emerge. He would always reveal the circumstances that will lead to victory, the controversies that will come up, the electoral processes and many more about the election.


Many other prophets do the same but one thing that stands Primate Ayodele’s prophecies on election out is the manner of his revelations. While others just declare who will win the election alone, Primate Ayodele tells how the winner will emerge, who will win the election and sometimes, what the winner should expect after he or she emerges.


An illustration of the uniqueness of Primate Ayodele’s prophecies is the recently concluded 2023 governorship and presidential election that was held in Nigeria. While others were saying PDP, APC or Labour will win the presidency, Primate Ayodele spoke on the three leading candidates.


He told each of them how they can win the election and explained to Nigeria the implication of their victories- for anyone that emerges. The man of God mentioned that if Tinubu emerges, there will be a crisis and protests in the country. We all are experiencing what the man of God warned us about, the crisis has continued to multiply as the day goes by.



Apart from the presidential election, Primate Ayodele revealed the winners of governorship elections in all the states that held an election. The man of God didn’t miss any, including the highly controversial Adamawa state governorship election that was just concluded yesterday. Among other governorship elections the man of God gave prophecies on, Adamawa seems to stand out due the way it came to pass.


When the man of God spoke about the Adamawa governorship election before it held on March 18, He stated that then PDP candidate, Ahmadu Fintiri will emerge victorious but he must be on alert because the ruling party is ready to do anything to get victory in the election.


These were his words:

“PDP will win the Adamawa election but they want to do everything to take it away from the party. I mean they want to do everything, everything, and everything to take it away. PDP must be on top of the game. To be honest, the woman will not win but they want to do anything to get the victory for her.”

When Primate Ayodele released this prophecy, many didn’t know what he meant until APC started sharing in the news that Aishatu Binani has been declared winner by INEC shortly after the March 18 election held. The news went viral and even some international bodies had congratulated the candidate of the APC only to later withdraw their messages after discovering INEC declared the election inconclusive.

The desperation of the APC to take away power from the PDP was again renewed a few days ago when the supplementary election was held in Adamawa. While the collation was yet to be concluded, the residential electoral commissioner (REC) suddenly declared Aishatu Binani as the winner of the election without presenting the scores or anything to justify his claims.

Meanwhile, the REC has no authority to declare a winner in an election. The news quickly escalated and it took the timely intervention of the national body of the electoral commission to debunk the result declaration and suspended the REC.

At the end of it all, PDP’s Ahmadu Fintiri was declared winner of the election with a margin of about 31,000.

The prophecy of Primate Ayodele, which may not have made sense then, has now become a reference point for Nigerians. Indeed, the APC tried everything, everything, to take over the victory from the PDP if not for timely intervention.

Indeed, Primate Ayodele’s prophecy played out in the Adamawa governorship election.