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Culture Is Relevant To Our Development, Says Yoruba Scholar, Lagada-Abayomi – Naijanewsdirect


A culture and communication expert, Mr. Olanrewaju Lagada-Abayomi has emphasized the preservation of the Yoruba Language amongst the Nigerian youths, saying that this will ensure unity and cohesion in the country.

Addressing students during the Cultural Day Celebration of Igbobi College, Lagos as part of activities marking its 90th Founders Day recently with a presentation entitled; “The Place Of Culture In Unity and Diversity,” as Guest Speaker, Lagada-Abayomi said that Nigeria had been living together as a united entity since amalgamation in 1914.

“Since 1914 that Nigeria has been together as a nation (amalgamation), we have been enjoying living together peacefully as a family (co-existence), despite the 250 tribes spread across the 36 states in the nation with differences in dressing, food, customs, norms and values.

“We believe that being characterized by differences should not pose a disadvantage in any way; instead, it would present opportunities for Nigerians to maximize the diversity as a gift to develop our nation (national development).

“Therefore, the idiomatic phrase, “United we Stand, Divided We Fall” is embraced in Nigeria.

“But unfortunately, in the recent times, some quarters are instigating a tribe and culture against others to destabilize the nation, where Hausas are against Yoruba, Igbo against Niger Deltans, among others.

“Moreso, even the society with common entity is presently experiencing unity derogation.

“What is the way forward? In this regard, this paper aims to identify culture as a way and tool to unite and rebuild our respective society and nation, Nigeria, even through our socio-cultural differences.

“Therefore, the following issues would be reviewed in the presentation: What is culture? Identities of culture, types of Culture; what is Unity? Examples of Unity; what is diversity? Examples of diversity; what culture can do to make people united?

“What culture can do to make people from different background live together in peace (Cultural Diversity)? And tolerance which is the key element of embracing cultural diversity,” he said.

Lagada-Abayomi added that his presentation would be more interactive, to allow everyone to participate.

He said: “According to the Oxford Advanced Dictionary, New edition, Culture is the customs, belief, arts, ways of life and social organization. It is a belief and attitude about something that people in a particular group or organization share, including tradition, art, music, literature, thought, language, dance, dressing among others.

“In one sentence, culture is the way of life of a particular community or people.

“The two basic types of culture are Material culture (physical things) Non-material culture (intangible things. Examples of material cultures include pottery, mud houses, clothes (aso oke), sculpture, foods, architecture, etc.

“Examples of non-material cultures are dancing, thought, greeting, religions, music, customs, religion, language, and some others.UNITY.

“Unity is the state of being in agreement and working together. It is a situation of joining together to form one unit. In the instance of Amos 3:3, that says “Can two work together except they agree” which means unity embraces oneness, harmony, or agreement.”

The scholar maintained that unity is a strong element of making a community stronger and resist divisions or factions through which invaders could break though.

He stressed that unity gives access to love and oneness in a community, and that it allows GOD to operate successfully in a community, because, according to him, the LORD loves where love and unity operates, as they say, ‘The origin of unity is God.

Left to right: Principal of Igbobi College, Mr. Adedodotun Akanbi, Guest Speaker, Mr. Lagada-Abayomi Olanrewaju, Head of Humanity Department, Mrs. Wale Balogun.

“Culture is the means of identity to a society (for us to identify each other). It teaches us how to live in a society and allows us to advance because each new generation can benefit from the solutions found and passed down from previous generations. Culture is a means of unifying a community.

“It is an element of providing economic growth and benefits.

“It is a way of accessing our stories and celebrations. It is also a way of remembering the past, and imagining the future.

“It is used as a means of entertaining ourselves, like music.

“It is an effective means  in solving various social problems.

“Culture maintains peace and harmony in co-existing living. It improves learning, tolerance, and opportunities to come together with others.

“It enhances our quality of life and increases overall well-being for both individuals and communities. Culture unites people of a single society together through shared beliefs, traditions, and expectations,” he said.

Quoting the dictionary, the Yoruba scholar said that diversity is a range of people or things that are different from each other.

“In other word, diversity is a variety. In respect to our presentation today, diversity refers to a plurality of different groups of people living in a particular place.

“Lagos is a typical example of diversity whereby we have many ethnics such as Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Tapa, Efik, Ibiobio, Ebira, Deltans among  others living together.

“And this is constitutionally allowed as a nation to welcome different tribes. Being in this unity, there are many benefits attached to this for individual and our dear country, Nigeria.

“These include: Unity in Diversity signifies the unity among people with diverse cultural, religious beliefs, social status and other demographic differences.

“Unity in Diversity is effective in solving various social problems.

“This is possible as diverse people tend to know each other. Consequently, this increases mutual respect among the people.

“Unity in diversity helps us in maintaining peaceful co-existence despite our diverse culture and backgrounds. It would help us to stay united despite our disagreements.

“The unity in diversity does not only add value to our nation but would also carve a good image of our country to the world.

“United we stand, divided we fall.” Therefore, we must unite as one nation and one people for Nigeria to stand and to progress to be a better place for its people.

“Culture is an  important tool of sustaining unity in diversity. This simply refers to Cultural Diversity. Cultural diversity is about appreciating that society is made up of many different groups with different interests, skills, talents and needs.

“This means that you recognise that people in society can have differing religious beliefs and sexual orientations to you. Cultural diversity includes: Race, Ethnicity, Sexual orientation, Religion, Language, Gender, Age, Disability.

“Some of advantages attached to this concept are: Culture diversity ensures unity during crisis, influences identity, debate and dialogue in diversity. It is important for nation building and for peace and reconciliation. It inspires change and stability in diversity.

“It helps dispel negative stereotypes and personal biases about different groups. Cultural diversity helps us recognize and respect “ways of being” that are not necessarily our own.

“Cultural diversity can build bridges to trust, respect, and understanding across cultures. Cultural diversity would promote other rights and values such as freedom of expression, diversity and debate about needs in society.

“In conclusion, tolerance is the key and potent tool for cultural diversity to unify ourselves from different background. Let’s tolerate ourselves,” he said.

The glamorous cultural events with elegant native attires and cultural artifacts witnessed visitors and other invited schools that graced the occasion.

The Principal of the school, Mr. Adedotun Akanbi said that the cultural day, though is part of quarterly events of the school was purposely included in the 90th anniversary of Igbobi College events to show that there is always unity in diversity.

He said the unity in diversity is the heritage and the knowledge the founders of the school left behind, which would enable students and people know that we are all one before God.

“As you know the school is made up of different ethnic groups, the cultural showcase will make the students to know that culture can unify us together to promote the unity in diversity, as it entrenched in our school motto, “All Are One in The Lord,” the Principal said.

Mrs. Wale Balogun, the Head of Humanity Department 1, who was the major coordinator of the cultural day said the theme of the lecture was incorporated to the anniversary to show the world that Nigeria is enriched in cultural heritages, and that these can be used as tools to unify the country and promote peace and co-existence.

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