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Chief E.O Ashamu’s Family Confirms Land Ownership In Alausa, Agidingbi and Magodo – Naijanewsdirect


The family of the late Chief Emmanuel Ashamu has affirmed that the major part of the land in Alausa, Agidingbi and Magodo belong to it, contrary to erroneous impression being created in some quarters.

In a statement, the Ashamu family said that it acquired the large expanse of land spanning the area between Alausa, Agidingbi and Magodo more than 50 years ago.
While congratulating the Akinole-Oshiun family on their recent legal victory in their case against Lagos State Government, the Ashamu family clarified that it remains the bona fide owner of the land, having acquired the Akinole-Oshiun family’s interest several years ago.

“Hence, we are imploring all the legal and illegal occupants of the land within Alausa, Agidingbi and environment to clarify with the family before dealing with anyone further on this land,” Ashamu family stated.


According to the family, there are some unscrupulous persons who are trying to use the supposed judgment to illegally encroach into the land and properties belonging to the Ashamu family and also to usurp money from innocent, desperate and unsuspecting individual s and companies within these areas.


The Vice Chairman, DHTL Capital Management Limited, Mr. Tunde Adeyemi, the asset management company representing the Ashamu family, explained that the Akinole’s family judgment and entitlement to the land in Agidingbi was decided as early as 1973 when there was a further dispute between the Ashade family, the original owner of the land that sold to Ashamu and the Akinole family, the late Chief Ashamu persuaded the Ashade family not to go to court but that he would deal with the family on their claim to the Agidingbi land.


“The Akinole family made it clear in the meeting with Chief Ashamu that they were not really in the land but would need money. So an agreement was struck between the parties on the matter and the Akinole family appointed their lawful attorneys under and by virtue of a Power of Attorney dated June 30, 1973 and registered as No. 32 at Page 32 in Volume 1425 of the Land Registry in the office at Lagos.


These lawful attorneys, with the knowledge and consent of the whole family, later executed a Deed of Assignment in favour of the late Chief Emmanuel Ashamu, having agreed to a sum of money paid to them on the execution of the document. This Deed of Assignment was dated August 3, 1973 and registered as No. 33 at Page 33 in volume 1432 of the Lands Registry in the office in Lagos,” Adeyemi said.


According to him, by the above history and the other supporting summary of root of titles, the Akinole family has conveyed all its interest in some of the land at Agidingbi.
“Hence, this is to inform the Lagos State Government and all its agencies; the Nigerian Police and other law enforcement agencies; all current occupiers of the landed properties in Agidingbi, Alausa, part of Magodo and its surroundings that the major expanse of this land belongs to the family of the late Chief Emmanuel Oyedele Ashamu; and concerted efforts should be carried out to clarify the position of their land from the family representatives before dealing with any individual.

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