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Obi Cubana’s Lawyer Was Wrong, Says DAFCT Communications – Naijanewsdirect

  The Management of DAFCT Communications, publishers of P.M.EXPRESS Newspaper, said that their attention has been drawn to a news item on some websites linking the media outfit with a story purportedly done to dent the image of a popular entertainment and hospitality mogul, Obinna Iyiegbu a.k.a Obi Cubana. "For the avoidance of doubt, P.M.EXPRESS is a reputable media platform ran by a group of trained and respected media personalities with decades of experience in the industry. And over the years, the platform has continued to offer unbiased and balanced reportage on all issues with a professional touch while making positive difference in the society through news dissemination, entertainment and education of readers across board," the management stated.   "We were shocked as our attention was called to a news item on some websites linking us with a story purportedly done to dent the image of a popular entertainment and hospitality mogul. We sincerely believe that there must be a mix up somewhere."   "For the records, our media platform has a record of celebrating the achievements of brands, entrepreneurs and successful businesses. We equally at different times, had celebrated and highlighted the achievements of the respected entertainment and hospitality mogul in question. So the management was shocked to read our outfit being linked to a news item purportedly meant to defame the personality in view."   "Setting the records straight, the story in question was a Court story published online by us without any reference in whatsoever form to the personality of the respected businessman, Obi Cubana or his company. The feature image used was that of a Court gavel; even the image of the personalities involved in the said Court case were not used. It is therefore, a surprise to read that our outfit allegedly used the picture of a personality not involved in the matter in

Mudashiru Obasa and The Small London Called Agege***by Eromosele Ebhomele – Naijanewsdirect

  "Sentiments aside, this man has really done well for Agege as a whole. So many roads (including my in-law's street) built and many folks are empowered! I will always wish him success in all his moves."   That was a short message I got from a journalist and owner of a news medium recently. I had just sent out a story that had to do with the sudden endorsement of Dr. Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa, the unassuming Right Honourable Speaker of Lagos, by notable leaders in the Agege area of the State. The media man could not hold back his love for the man who has succeeded in turning Agege, a very busy but hitherto behindhand area of the State into a "mini-London", apologies to Segun Ekundayo, a friend and resident of the area, who told me in December last year: "Obasa is a lifetime opportunity and blessing to Agege. He can never be forgotten."   To Ekundayo, a human and industrial relations professional, Agege is now a mini-London. He opins that Speaker Obasa's love for Agege is further boosted by the fact that he has remained a resident of the place even with his status as the third citizen of the State. "You will hardly find a political office holder who would want to remain with the people he lived with before his stars shone so bright. Many would leave their original places and go stamp their feets in choice areas only sneeking back when it is time for election. Obasa has never lived outside Agege and this is the reason he sees every of the people's challenges, he has suffered from poor road infrastructure just like the pepper seller, the businessman, the motorists and residents. And today, his name is everywhere, even in the mouths of children.   "Let me tell you, that bridge that

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu: On The Trial of a Master Strategist ***by Tunji Bello – Naijanewsdirect

  Our first encounter was rather frosty. Senator Bola Tinubu thought I was assigned to denigrate the Sarumi Group in the Social Democratic Party (SDP) of which he was one of the Arrowheads. This was in the late November of 1990. I was then the Group Political Editor of the Concord Newspapers. Asiwaju Tinubu and his Caucus saw me and my team as an Adversary. Interestingly, the same accusation was levelled against me by Chief Tom Ikimi, the National Chairman of National Republican Convention (NRC) when I went to interview him at his Victoria Island Residence in Lagos. NRC was the second of the two Parties General Ibrahim Babangida had created for Nigerian Politicians in his bizarre transition programme that time. Relations between Asiwaju and I never improved until late Chief MKO Abiola’s sojourn in politics fortuitously brought us together. MKO had summoned Dele Alake (Sunday Concord Editor), Segun Babatope (Chairman, Editorial Board) and myself to his Ikeja, Lagos Residence in late 1992 for advice as he was contemplating running for Presidency following Babagida’s cancellation of the Presidential Primaries of the two Parties. He was seeking counsel on which of the Parties to join. It was in the process of our discussion that he mentioned Senator Tinubu as one of the strategic political alliances he needed to make. He spoke glowingly of Tinubu’s political networking ability, his reliability once convinced, dedication and passion for a political cause. I was to see evidence of Tinubu’s uncommon traits MKO spoke about when June 12 election was annulled in 1993 and fate brought us together in the subsequent struggle for its revalidation and restoration of Democracy. As Concord’s Group Political Editor, I had gotten, on a Thursday, an “Exclusive” on what transpired at Babangida’s AFRC (Armed Forces Ruling Council) emergency meeting the previous day and their resolution on political Actors to be

Opinion: Harvard Economist Sees Emefiele As The Next Obasanjo – Naijanewsdirect

  It’s not very often that a sitting central bank governor is lauded by throngs of singing and dancing supporters, but backers of CBN governor Godwin Emefiele may have just made history at this weekend’s APC national convention. The political theatre, whether organic or facilitated, is a quirky tribute to a technocrat whose celebrity status usually doesn’t stretch past the Davos city limits. In a crowded field of candidates for the APC’s presidential nominee, however, it’s unsurprisingly necessary to pull out all the stops to get ahead of the pack.     Emefiele, for his part, has so far kept silent on whether he will formally run. While others are quick to throw their hats in the ring, the CBN governor appears to be taking the route of a diligent-but-humble public servant who may be pressured into running. Although that path above the fray is well-trodden, Emefiele’s powerful, current position has ruffled plenty of feathers. In February, Premium Times ran an editorial calling on Emefiele to either resign and run, or remain in his post and repudiate any electoral ambitions. Similarly, just days ago the main opposition party, the PDP, offered a 21-tweet salute accusing Emefiele of having “desecrated the sanctity of his office as CBN Governor.” If the governor were to formally enter the arena of partisan politics, there would be intense pressure upon him to resign his tenure as the country’s top banker.     Aside from his powerful post, why does Emefiele draw so much lightning? The APC is expected to select a candidate from the South for the 2023 ticket (some say the south west, specifically, but that remains to be confirmed). Born in Delta state, Emefiele is described as having “a candidature with South South and Igbo background.” His professional experience is also strong. He came to the apex bank with 20

JAGABAN, The Master Strategist @70: His Undeniable Factor in Nigerian Politics! ***by K1 – Naijanewsdirect

Since the news started rolling out about your much-vaunted 2023 Presidential ambition, many have been caught with unprecedented fever, and this is not unexpected, because whenever you sneeze, everywhere catches cold. But that is not the big deal now, because you do not wallow in how you’ve made many in the social, economic and political terrains; it’s about your coming of age as a septuagenarian today, March 29, 2022. Akanbi, Omo Olodoode, my gregarious leader of no mean status, Jagaban Borgu!, aside all other honours, awards and recognitions from left, right and centre, is 70 today. You have been there, done that and you deserve all accolades as a man of many attributes. As you turn 70 eventful years on earth today, my indefatigable leader does not look an inch a man that counts and looks back on his antecedents for pecuniary reasons, because you are someone that God has genuinely made to give mankind a reason to live in peace, harmony and co-habitation. Asiwaju, you have the undeniable credit of not just following where a path may lead, instead, you find where there is no path and make sure you walk it and leave a trail.  You have shown over the years that your kind of leadership is about discovering and unlocking people’s potentials to become better which in essence defines you as someone who values  results and not just mere attributes. When you launched out as a politician in 1992, little did you know that you were on a journey to change the political landscape in Nigeria. Well over two decades now, you have brightened and continues to brighten the landscape of Nigerian politics and you are still not yet done. At 70, baami Akanbi, you are eminently qualified to be Nigeria’s next President, all things being equal, and your moving train

If Rotimi Amaechi Will Be Nigeria’s President…****By Keni Akintoye – Naijanewsdirect

One of the greatest successes of any leader is their ability to find a good successor. Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari is not an exception to this “rule” and he must be thinking in this direction already. The problem is that there seems to be a host of contenders within the APC who believe they deserve to be his candidate.     Many names have been thrown up in the media and some have been on the lips of Nigerians since 2018. On my last count, there are over 10 persons gunning for the APC presidential ticket for 2023. We are yet to have any surprises as we know the real contenders, the pretenders, perennial aspirants, the obsessed, and the ones who only need the presidential aspirations to negotiate for relevance in the next government. All eyes are on the APC because it promises to be more intriguing for political scientists, analysts and indeed all Nigerians.     President Muhammadu Buhari recently, in an interview with Channels Television, told Nigerians that the name of the candidate who he would prefer to succeed him in 2023 will be kept secret because the person might be “eliminated” if he mentions the name.     The question now is, why is the president scared for his candidate’s safety? The reason is simple. His choice will be a shocker to the ultra-high class politicians who may have plotted the succession plan based on different interests and agreements that date back years. Some of the presidential decisions in the next few months will simply not add up for them and they will fight.   What they would most likely fail to consider is that the President knows that how history remembers him will be highly dependent on the person who takes over from him. The Buhari presidency is one that has kept Nigerians divided for all its

2023 General Elections: Muiz Banire Writes An Open Letter To Nigerian Politicians – Naijanewsdirect

Dear Nigerian politician, It is difficult to wish you a happy new year as starting a year with the realization that the problems confronting the nation, Nigeria, are still with us could be demoralizing. As you may know, participation in politics in Nigeria demands being a member of a political platform by virtue of our constitutional dictate. Without joining a political party, it is impossible for any aspirant to get into political office in Nigeria to realise his ambition, since independent candidature is alien to our Constitution. To this extent, you need to be a politician to contest. This does not imply, however, that you must be a politician to participate in the political process. You can exercise your franchise in the elections without necessarily joining a political party. However, if you want to influence the candidate of a political party or contest as said earlier, you certainly must become a politician. In the class of these politicians, however, are those who are into one vocation or the other and are just interested in the good governance of the country. These days, current politicians are what the Yoruba refer to as Ojelu (looters) as opposed to Oselu (politicians). As I address this point, do not take offence but you can imagine where your acts and omissions have placed you in the divide, whether you are an Oselu or an Ojelu. The Ojelus thrive on thuggery, material politicking and manipulation of the electoral and judicial  processes. They don’t believe in manifestos or any ideology. They lack programmes or policies they intend to prosecute, should they be availed the opportunity of serving the nation. Due to their escapades, the country is what it is today, as they must amass wealth to the detriment of the masses, perpetuate poverty to dominate the conscience and consciousness of the

Rasaq Ajala, Setting The Pace In Grassroots Governance in Nigeria***by Tunde Ogunmola – Naijanewsdirect

  Local government is popularly referred to as grassroots government. It is commonly known as the closest government to the people. Viewed from this perspective, local government is a concrete reality to the people not an abstract entity that is detached from them. In view of this, it’s a government that should be able to feel, understand and respond to the needs and expectations of the people under its watch. In the contemporary Nigerian society, not only are the needs and expectations of people at the grassroots are not met, there’s also a sharp disconnect between the local people and many local government administrators in terms of accessibility, policy formulation and provision of services. However, in spite of these identified surmountable challenges, it is definitely not out of place to see some local government administrators in Nigeria who are models for their colleagues and have continued to exhibit good leadership traits and hearken to the yearnings of their people by providing dividends of democracy. One of such local government administrators whose encompassing style of grassroots governance has continually engender him to the people of his community is Hon. Rasaq Olusola Ajala, the Chairman of Odi-Olowo/Ojuwoye Local Council Development Area. Hon. Ajala’s ascension to the exalted seat of Odi-Olowo /Ojuwoye LCDA, in Mushin area of Lagos state, has brought integrated development to the highly industrialized council. He’s currently spending his second term in office as the Chairman of the Council. Broadly speaking, there are two functions that local governments perform. The first group of functions are those enshrined in the Fourth Schedule of the 1999 Constitution. The second group of functions are those that can aptly be described as civic and agency functions. These functions are: provision and maintenance of healthcare services, minor maintenance of state and federal roads, civic mobilization and sensitization etc. Talking about minor

Mayor Akinpelu Put The Record Straight, Tells The Story of ‘FAME MAGAZINE’, Says “Truth is Sacred” – Naijanewsdirect

I read excerpts of the story of FAME magazine written by one of the founders, Femi Akintunde-Johnson (FAJ) on Facebook. Two things stood out for me.     First, was his assertion that I assumed the “headship” of FAME because I was the oldest among the three founders (Mayor Akinpelu, Kunle Bakare and Femi Akintunde-Johnson) and no one was ready to drag the headship with me.     The other was the argument that the Ojukwu/Bianca story triggered the birth of FAME. That was a ridiculous assertion.     Before the Ojukwu/Bianca story, I had written the Tejuoso/ Okoya wedding story that started what is known today as celebrity journalism. Prior to that story, most of the lead stories in Prime People magazine at the time were strange or unusual stories. I also did the Akeem Olajuwon story titled ‘The Dream and His Millions’. That was when the NBA superstar came to Nigeria on a visit. So the Ojukwu/Bianca story couldn’t have triggered the formation of FAME.     It was true that FAJ gave Kunle Bakare the gist that the Biafran warlord, Odumegwu Ojukwu was romancing Bianca Onoh, the then most beautiful girl in Nigeria. Kunle Bakare mentioned it at the editorial meeting. The story was assigned to Kunle Bakare and me to work on. The source that assisted us in getting the details of the story was a friend of mine who was the daughter of a prominent politician from the East. This lady was also very close to Ojukwu. It was the lady in the course of working on the story that facilitated my entering Ojukwu’s Ikoyi home to confirm the large size portrait of Bianca that was placed in Ojukwu’s sitting room. In the course of moving around the house I encountered a guy, who was one of the aides of Ojukwu, who I suspected was the source that gave

Ganiyu Solomon at 62: A Distinctive Politician and Distinguished Nigerian! ***By Tunde Ogunmola – Naijanewsdirect

Distinguished Senator Ganiyu Olanrewaju Solomon popularly called GOS in our political lexicon, turned 62 on December 19, 2021. The current of history has moved him down stream as an authentic leader. He remains a worthy example in leadership by virtue of recent happenings.   Senator GOS is always at ease with the people of one of the most disparaged communities in Lagos state, Mushin, his neighbourhood; as well as the people of the state of aquatic splendor. Listening to people and attending to their needs, for him, come with incomprehensible ease and overwhelming satisfaction, such that even years after office, he has continued to receive and attend to people in his palatial mansion in Magodo, when in practical terms, many of his ilk would have shut their doors against the people.   A shrewd politician but not the archetypal one, his unassuming nature, enhanced by quiet mien and his capacity to listen to people, no matter what they had to say, offered the kind of strength needed to deliver quality leadership. Senator GOS, a one time Mushin Local Government chairman has weathered the storm as far as politics is concerned in Nigeria. His knowledge of his people, coupled with his ability to manage the various unpredictable tendencies speaks volume of his staying relevance in Lagos political landscape.   Senator GOS involvement in politics is not a fluke. His late father, Alhaji Rafiu Ishola Solomon was politically influential in Lagos state and was a contemporary of the first civilian governor of Lagos state, late Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande. Alhaji Rafiu Solomon, wielded enormous influence in Lagos political landscape to such an extent that he recommended people for political appointments. Prominent among such appointments was that of late Oba Alhaji Olatunji Hamzat, the father of Lagos state Deputy Governor, Dr Kadiri Obafemi Hamzat.   Alhaji Rafiu Solomon was instrumental to