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The Never-Ending Consistency Of Primate Ayodele’s Prophetic Prowess

  You may criticize him from now till eternity but one thing you can never take away from Primate Elijah Ayodele is the consistency in his prophetic ministry. Before many of us were born, Primate Ayodele had started ministry and till now, nothing has changed about his ministry. It has been prophecies from the beginning and up till now, It has remained the same; probably the only thing that changed is his ministry having so much impact in every country in the world. When a man calls himself a prophet, we should ask if his prophecies come to pass, if the answer is positive, then He can be confirmed as a true prophet in line with the word of God that describes who a prophet is. The strength of a prophet lies in the fulfillment of his prophecies; Primate Ayodele has remained ever strong in the prophetic ministry with the fulfillment of his many prophecies. At the moment, there are proven records of over 15,000 prophecies of Primate Elijah Ayodele that have been fulfilled and the good thing is they keep adding up as the day passes. Some of the happenings around the world in recent times have confirmed some of the things Primate Ayodele foretold years back. For instance, Nigeria is going through a situation that was never envisaged; there is scarcity of cash, scarcity of petrol and serious economic hardship. It’s so bad that even the rich are very much affected, the bigwig politicians have also been crying out about these crisis. Meanwhile, this is exactly what Primate Ayodele foretold in March 2022, almost a year now. The man of God stated that there will be so much economic hardship in the country that will make things really costly. He mentioned that people go back to the days of austerity measures because things will be

Tinubu: A Cat With Many Lives ***by Kassim Afegbua – Naijanewsdirect

In 2015, when the race to the general election got to a fever pitch, all manner of theories and conspiracies were woven around Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, as though he was the candidate of the newly formed All Progressives Congress. The AIT did a documentary deliberately targeted at the former Lagos state Governor entitled; THE LION OF BOURDILON which attempted a faulty characterisation of Asiwaju Tinubu as someone who represented the good, the bad and the ugly in the 2015 political narratives. President Goodluck Jonathan was running against the grains following the idea of zoning that is enshrined in the PDP constitution. The AIT documentary made a lot of unsubstantiated allegations and claims against Tinubu, all in a bid to demarket him and sent the APC on the slippery slope to perdition. He was not running election, but once he’s out of the equation, they reasoned rightly, then General Buhari’s chances would be impaired. That didn’t happen. Asiwaju Tinubu stayed the cause and took AIT to court to prove the allegations before all. Going by the swing of the pendulum, AIT opted for out of court settlement, after several rebuttal, apologies and public disclaimer of the said hatchet job of a documentary. The Jonathan administration knew too well that without Asiwaju Tinubu’s support, it would be difficult to sail through. This is primarily because the initial promises made by President Jonathan in 2011 were not fulfilled to carry Tinubu along. When it was time to strike another accord, Asiwaju Tinubu reminded him of the earlier failed promises. The rest as they often say, has become history. The AIT recant was enough opportunity for the Nigeria media to be circumspect on matters they lack enough information on. When Asiwaju Tinubu was Governor of Lagos, he had a running battle with Late Gani Fawehinmi over educational

Brazil Presidential Election: The Peculiarity Of Primate Ayodele’s Prophecies ***by Louis Carlos – Naijanewsdirect

  I am sincerely writing this article with so much pain because I have just lost the little grip I have on power with the loss of President Jair Bolsonaro to the former president of Brazil, former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the run-off that was just concluded. This loss is personal to me because i never expected that President Bolsonaro will lose his second term bid to rule our nation, it was never expected even though it has been a tight contest since the beginning of the election, I had high hopes that my candidate would eventually become victorious in the election but with the latest development, I am in serious shock. I have never been a fan of prophetic declarations or prophecies, I am not a Christian, I am a traditional worshipper who believes so much in engaging crystal ball to tell me what the future holds but there is this Nigerian prophet that keeps popping up on the internet whenever I surf to keep myself abreast with information concerning the election. His name is Primate Ayodele, claims to be a prophet but has never gotten my full attention because I am not even a Christian, therefore, we have no business together. In one of the African newspapers (City People magazine), he spoke concerning the Brazil presidential election and this is why I gave a little attention to this particular prophecy of his, I have to protect my interest just incase he says something against my candidate. He said in this newspaper that the incumbent president of Brazil will not win the election and that a one-time president of the country will become victorious in the presidential election. When I saw it, I immediately discarded it because I didn’t believe such would happen, no one from Brazil would have even believed

Asiwaju Tinubu and The North ***by Tunde Rahman – Naijanewsdirect

Could there have been a better and more appropriate platform to interact with and relate to the North than the one provided by the North itself? Certainly no! This is because sensing the need to come together and present a charter of demands to top presidential candidates in the country in order to procure a better deal for the North in 2023, some influential groups and institutions in the region had created an avenue that brought the critical stakeholders together to interface with the candidates ahead of the elections. It was the first time the North would emplace such a powerful forum to listen to what the candidates have to offer. Held under the auspices of Arewa Joint Committee for an interactive session, a coalition of six groups and organisations including the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation, Northern Elders Forum (NEF), Arewa House, Jam’iyyar Matan Arewa and Arewa Research and Development Project had organised the talks.   Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress Presidential Candidate, honoured the invitation of the organisers of the conference and came before the region as it were on Monday, October 17, 2022. That he attended the forum despite the allegations that trailed its perceived agenda was a demonstration of good faith by the APC candidate and high esteem in which he held the organisers. Asiwaju Tinubu did not waiver in his resolve to attend the session even when informed of the allegations. For instance, he was told the allegedly hidden intention of the organisers was to deploy the forum to endorse the candidature of Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party. He was told Atiku had bankrolled the conference and was waiting to reap from his alleged investment.   Two or three critical developments around the conference, were interpreted by many observers as giving

Lessons From Truss’ Resignation – Okotie – Naijanewsdirect

  Interim government campaigner, Rev Chris Okotie was caught in the storm of the Breaking News of the shocking resignation of British Prime Minister,Liz Truss,as he spoke last week Tuesday to AIT on the imperatives of Aboriginal Democracy for Nigeria. As the Reverend was speaking to Gbenga Aruleba, the popular host of the AIT Jigsaw programme via zoom from Lagos, the interviewer paused briefly to announce the exit of the embattled Prime Minister, paving the way for a new Prime Minister,Rishi Sunak,who has been nominated by the Tories to succeed Truss. The coincidence of an interim government coming to replace Truss as he spoke to Okotie on his own advocacy on the same subject added some drama to the programme and Okotie latched onto the situation. Responding to Aruleba's question on the possibility of an interim government proposition happening so soon in Nigeria, especially in an election season,Okotie said the UK political system makes it easier for such a transition, but added that our politicians should learn from the British experience.: 'What we are seeing is the political conscience that's prevalent in the UK. 'It is easy over there for someone at the zenith of authority, propelled by patriotic sentiments, to step down under these circumstances. He went on to argue that an interim government is a more relevant subject on the country's political agenda than another election cycle.

Oluwatomi Somefun @60: A Quintessential Woman With Quiet Move, Loud Impact! – Naijanewsdirect

By: SUNDAY ADEBAYO As it's the case all over the world, there are few women heading top executive positions in Nigeria corporate space. While this is something to worry about, it becomes even more worrisome when those few women who manage to climb to the top of the corporate ladder work efficiently as men would rather do.   Oluwatomi Somefun (born October 2) is an award winning Nigeria banker. She is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/ Managing Director (MD) of Unity Bank, making her the first in the bank's history to hold this position. Named as one of the top 25 most distinguished Chief Executive Officers of quoted Nigerian companies for the 2015 financial year, Oluwatomi Somefun does not have any question mark about her competence.   Somefun is passionate about people, especially young adults and helping them to achieve their God-given potential inspired by their limitations. She mentors and counsels individuals in their professional and social development. She sits on the board of a number of Financial and Educational institutions, and has served on the Advisory board of several Foundations including UBA Foundation. As one of the female Chief Executives heading banks in Nigeria, Somefun has in her 7 years of leading Unity Bank Plc, proved her mettle, making it possible for other women to find a smoother path into top executive positions. ACHIEVEMENTS Too many experts within an industry give the illusion that this is normal and everyone is at the same level of brilliance, vision and breadth of ability. But in the banking and finance sector, there are crouching dragons and tigers. Crouch no more, Oluwatomi Somefun; your genius has been exposed. Unity Bank Plc used to be one of those bank's in Nigeria that kept a semi-low profile. Such banks did not seek to compete, only to meet their predetermined goal. No more! The brilliance, methods,

Climate Change: Delivering Objectives Of Act 2021 Without “Humongous Bureaucracy”**By Mardiyyah Omikunle – Naijanewsdirect

  Recent moves by President Buhari to implement Climate Change Act 2021, Nigeria’s framework law to deliver green growth for sustainable economic development, are rubbing against bureaucratic infighting over the form and composition of the implementing mechanism the National Climate Change Council (NCCC) and its secretariat. The NCCC is chaired by the President with broad participation from government and civil society, and is supported by a Secretariat headed by a Director General who is recommended by NCCC and appointed by the President. Because the NCCC is chaired by the President and Vice President and located within the presidency, it signals to the world that Nigeria is taking a whole-of-Government approach to low carbon development and is not merely delegating the issue to a line ministry. Recent pronouncements by the Minister of Environment, Mohammed Abdullahi, questioned both the ‘humongous bureaucracy’ CCA created and the composition of the NCCC. Such doubts as COP 27 approaches, may be misinterpreted as sending mixed signals to development partners interested in supporting Nigeria’s energy transition.   Recently, the Minister vented his frustration at the unwieldy ‘humongous bureaucracy” of “state and zonal directors” in the NCCC’s secretariat. He went further adding that “membership of the council also inadvertently takes out commissioners of environment as members of the Climate Change Council. The secretariat has no directorates to support functions of the director-general, no transitional provisions in relation to functions of the department of climate change and the Climate Change Council.” The minister then announced that he had set up a technical review committee within the Ministry of Environment to initiate “amendments of the Act”.   An internal ministry of environment technical review committee to amend the Act is the classic bureaucratic response to a bureaucratic problem. The Act’s implementing structure appear designed to avoid capture by a single ministry and be nimble enough

If Nigeria Fails… – Dr Muiz Banire (SAN) – Naijanewsdirect

  My preoccupation in the past few decades has been Nigeria and its turbulent challenges which have compelled me to be originally an optimistic pessimist. Day in, day out, my optimism fades as my heart sinks into despair about the possibility of survival for my dear country. We have become a people that use the previous year to condemn the present one with the fear of what the future holds. The inverse is that we use the current year to praise the past one in continuous assessment of our welfare.   From the economy to our politics and social life, Nigerians have had it worse with destiny for quite a while. The misfortune of bad leadership decried by Chief Obafemi Awolowo and against which he tried to lay down sound policies for several governments to implement, has become our national fate as we hop from one monster to another in the name of government. Ungoverned territories in the northern parts of Nigeria where bandits and terrorists have been churned out in large numbers have become exclusive possessions of all manner of uncontrollable murderers. They have graduated from the reserves of the forests and are now competing spaces with law-abiding citizens in towns and cities. The latest achievement of these men of bloodletting is the incursion into Abuja after making road and rail travels unsafe. The attack on Kaduna train travellers has shown that we are mere victims waiting to be consumed as the government has taken no realistic step in providing necessary protection in this regard.   The terrorists have become most brazen as they attacked Kuje Correctional Centre and freed inmates who are their members serving various jail terms or awaiting trial. Till this moment, government enquiry has not produced any tangible cause for the security laxity at the centre of the nation’s heart.

“Attacking Primate Ayodele Will Only Ruin The Chances Of Your Candidate”, Political Analyst Tells Peter Obi Followers – Naijanewsdirect

  The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has faced backlashes following his prophecy against the ambition of Labour party candidate, Peter Obi ahead of the 2023 presidential election. During the release of his annual book of prophecy ‘Warnings To The Nations’ on Saturday, 9th Of July, 2022, Primate Ayodele had mentioned that Peter Obi isn’t ordained to become Nigeria’s next president and that he is only a noise maker who will not be victorious at the end of the day. It seems this statement didn’t go down well with followers of the politician and they have since launched a social media attack against Primate Ayodele, while also calling him names. While reacting to this, a political analyst, James Obi has warned the followers of Peter Obi to take caution because attacking Primate Ayodele will only ruin the chances of their candidate in the election. He stated that when a prophet speaks about the future, one has to wait for the time to come before making statements that are not suitable for the man of God. Obi referred to Primate Ayodele’s past prophecy on the candidate of the APC in Anambra election, Andy Uba, stating that Primate Ayodele told him that he won’t become governor in the state but his supporters launched an attack against the man of God but at the end of the day, they had to lick their wound. He advised them to take precaution, apologize to the man of God and wait till the 2023 election before castigating Primate Ayodele. ‘’The social media attack launched against the person of Primate Elijah Ayodele, the prophet of God is totally uncalled for. The man of God has prophesied, this prophecy has a time frame to come to pass which of course is 2023 during Nigeria’s presidential election. If Peter Obi emerges, we can

Obi Cubana’s Lawyer Was Wrong, Says DAFCT Communications – Naijanewsdirect

  The Management of DAFCT Communications, publishers of P.M.EXPRESS Newspaper, said that their attention has been drawn to a news item on some websites linking the media outfit with a story purportedly done to dent the image of a popular entertainment and hospitality mogul, Obinna Iyiegbu a.k.a Obi Cubana. "For the avoidance of doubt, P.M.EXPRESS is a reputable media platform ran by a group of trained and respected media personalities with decades of experience in the industry. And over the years, the platform has continued to offer unbiased and balanced reportage on all issues with a professional touch while making positive difference in the society through news dissemination, entertainment and education of readers across board," the management stated.   "We were shocked as our attention was called to a news item on some websites linking us with a story purportedly done to dent the image of a popular entertainment and hospitality mogul. We sincerely believe that there must be a mix up somewhere."   "For the records, our media platform has a record of celebrating the achievements of brands, entrepreneurs and successful businesses. We equally at different times, had celebrated and highlighted the achievements of the respected entertainment and hospitality mogul in question. So the management was shocked to read our outfit being linked to a news item purportedly meant to defame the personality in view."   "Setting the records straight, the story in question was a Court story published online by us without any reference in whatsoever form to the personality of the respected businessman, Obi Cubana or his company. The feature image used was that of a Court gavel; even the image of the personalities involved in the said Court case were not used. It is therefore, a surprise to read that our outfit allegedly used the picture of a personality not involved in the matter in