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Sweden announces s3x as sport, to host first s3x competition on June 8

Sweden has officially declared sex as a sport and finalised arrangements to launch its maiden sex tournament on Thursday, June 8. The contestants in the sex tournament will have daily sexual encounters that can last up to six hours. According to Swedish local media, a panel of judges will select the winners of the sex competition, and the audience will also share opinions and analyses on the choices. The European Sex Championship slated for June 8 is scheduled to last for six weeks, as participants will engage in sexual activity daily for 45 to one hour depending on the length of their bouts. The report disclosed that the competition has three levels, and in order to advance to the next level, the contestant must obtain a certain minimum number of points at each one. The sex contenders have the opportunity to earn between 5 and 10 points in each discipline, which are decided by a mix of public votes and a panel of five judges. According to the report, the audience will watch the sex competitions and will take note of various features of the sexual activity. The couple’s chemistry, their understanding of sex, their level of endurance, and other vital sexual features will all be considered when deciding who emerges winner. The head of the Swedish Federation of Sex, Dragan Bratych, said he hoped that one day sex would be regarded as a sport globally. He underlined the value of education and the possibility that engaging in sexual activity can improve one’s physical and mental health. “Like any sport, getting the results you want in sex requires training,” he stated. As a result, competition will inevitably start to develop in this area as well. He emphasised the unique aspects of this sport, where the object is to make the opponent extremely happy. He added the ability of the competitor to satisfy

Female Lawyer in Erotic Viral Post Declares “I’m Not A Gangster or Stoner, I’m An Instagram Model and Actress” (Photos) – Naijanewsdirect

    The female young lawyer in the provocative social media viral post celebrating her call to the Nigerian Bar as Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court has issued a disclaimer against the viral post. In a statement sent to, Miss Ifunanya Excel Grant Esq denied making the “Gangster and Stoner”post and blamed online scammers who stole her pictures to create a “catfish account” to Scam people.   According to her, she is not on any social media platform and didn’t make the Viral Facebook post. “I AM NOT A GANGSTER or a stoner or anything of such”, the statement reads in part. Miss Grant stated that she is an Instagram Model and not a practicing Lawyer at the moment. She explained that her pictures with cigars was part of her current work as Instagram Model and Actress and the pictures are for modeling and acting purposes only.   But notwithstanding her disclaimer, a look at the Instagram page of Miss Grant @Funaya_, shows that the message in the Viral post has a striking resemblance to the posts on her Instagram page where she post mostly sexually provocative and Sultry Videos and Pictures usually associated with Models. Even though, Miss Grant disclaimed being a Gangster, in one of her pictures on her page, she addressed herself as “Emotional Gangster”. In another picture posted on December 2021, at the Supreme Court of Nigeria Premises,  She addressed herself as the “Baddest Lawyer on Planet Earth”, contrary to her claim of not being in active legal practice. The Legal Community have continued to discuss whether the viral post attributed to Miss Grant is a breach of professional Code of Conduct for Legal Practitioners in Nigeria. SEE MISS GRANT’S FULL DISCLAIMER: Good day. My name is Ifunanya Excel Grant. I came across the article written about me on the barristerng.comwebsite and I will like to make an official

Amazing! Man Narrates Experience After Resurrecting At The Point Of Burial 2days After Certified Dead – Naijanewsdirect

    -Godwin Ugeelu Amadu The whole Gidan Angalu community in Toto Local Government Area, Nasarawa State was thrown into chaos and uproar penultimate Tuesday with the ‘resurrection’ of a native doctor at the point of burial two days after he was certified dead. Godwin Ugeelu Amadu had been confirmed dead by doctors at a private hospital at about 6 am on September 5, 2022, following which he was covered up and wheeled into the mortuary as doctors and family members awaited the arrival of his Abuja-based eldest son, Mr. Jacob Amadu. Since the deceased native doctor was said to have left an instruction with his children that he must be buried not later than three days in the hospital before burial and he must not be embalmed with Formaline, arrangements were said to have been made for his burial two days later. To the utter shock of Amadu’s children, relatives and sympathisers, however, the native doctor rose from the casket he was kept in as arrangements were being made to take his corpse to the graveyard, causing the crowd that had gathered for his burial to run in different directions. The ‘resurrection’ of Amadu two days after his ‘death’ turned him into an overnight celebrity as people came from far and near to confirm what had happened. Sharing his experience in an interview with our correspondent, Amadu, who said he has abandoned his career as a native doctor to become an evangelist, recalled that before his sickness and eventual ‘death’ on September 5, he had enjoyed good health and fully attended to patients who came from far distances to his village. But sometime in July, he began to feel pains in his chest and legs. He said his legs were swollen and he tried treating himself as a native doctor but there appeared to be no improvement,

Man Cries For Help After His Pastor Married His Wife, “Holy Spirit Told Me She Is My Wife”- Pastor – Naijanewsdirect

A man identified as Bright Ben has taken to social media to accuse the General Overseer of World Bank Assembly, Pastor Moses Adeeyo of ‘snatching’ his wife and kids. Ben, in a statement on his Facebook page, revealed that he was a full financial member of the church alongside his wife, Mrs. Tina Bright nee Everest, and they had been attending the church for a while. Bright Ben and Tina Bright He alleged that trouble started after his wife was given an ‘appointment’ and she quietly moved out of the house with their two children. He claimed that he had been searching for her adding that he even called pastor Adeeyo to seek advice on the matter but at a point the pastor allegedly seized picking up his calls and blocked his line. Mr. Ben stated that he found out about his wife’s whereabouts on Sunday after seeing pictures of Pastor Adeeyo’s marriage to Tina. Bright and Tina have been married for 12 years. The statement read; “ADULTERY… As shameful as it sounds, it is a true life story. MY PASTOR MARRIED MY WIFE. I’ve been married to Mrs Tina Bright for over 12years with 2kids, a girl and a boy. I married her traditionally and white wedding and took her to introduce to my Pastor Moses Adeeyo. The General Overseer of World Bank Assembly in Eneka, obio/akpor LGA Rivers State.”   “We started attending the church and became full financial members. My wife was given an immediate appointment 7months ago, she moved out of the house with our 2kids before I got back from work. I searched everywhere and called everyone even the G.O. unknown to me that he was the architect of my problems.” “After sometime he stopped picking my calls and blocked my phone line. I’ve been looking for her until I saw this pictures

Another Shot In The Arm For Adeduntan As FirstBank Wins Global Banking and Finance’s Retail Banking CEO Award – Naijanewsdirect

  While the age-old saying and philosophy of virtue being its own reward (or seeing doing good as its own reward) remains a strong motivating factor in doing good persistently, it helps when virtue gets recognition from time to time. Even though anyone or organisation committed to doing good will keep doing so with or without recognition, recognitions for virtue tend to act like a shot in the arm for such people or organisations, spurring them to commit even more to doing good.   That is what the recent award of “Retail Banking CEO of the Year Nigeria” to Dr Adesola Adeduntan, CEO of First Bank of Nigeria Limited, is to both him and the bank he leads. It is a shot in the arm of this foremost CEO of Nigeria’s most enduring financial institution that is also the pioneer in retail banking development in Nigeria, the premier bank in West Africa and the leading financial inclusion services provider in Nigeria for over 127 years, to keep steering the bank in the right direction, energising and expanding retail opportunities for all Nigerians in the process. It is a well-deserved recognition for a man and the institution he leads that would rather keep off the spotlight and focus exclusively on attending to Nigerians’ banking needs as best as they can – which is what has kept them going for 127 years and counting.   This critical role is one FirstBank is better suited to lead than any other lender given the robust retail banking framework that the bank has in place, that is riding on its innovative technology-driven operations, over 750 branches across the continents and 100,000 Firstmonie Agent banking network spread across 772 local government areas in Nigeria. It is little wonder that FirstBank, which is intricately woven into the fabric of the Nigerian society,

Man, 41, Had No Teeth and Could Barely Speak After His Mother Locked Him Up For 28 Years – Naijanewsdirect

An elderly Swedish woman kept her adult son in captivity for 28 years, say police. According to prosecutors, the 70-year-old was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of unlawful deprivation of liberty and grievous bodily harm. Police have now sealed off the apartment in suburban Stockholm and are seeking witnesses. An unidentified female relative discovered the 41-years-old man. She entered the unlocked flat after learning that the man's mother had been admitted to a hospital over the weekend, according to Swedish newspaper Expressen. She told the paper that the apartment was like walking into a horror movie. The man was covered in "urine, dirt, and dust" and smelled "rotten." His body was pockmarked with wounds and pus, and he was missing all of his teeth. He was also unable to speak coherently. The relative called for an ambulance and the man was subsequently taken to a hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries, Stockholm prosecutor Emma Olsson told Reuters. Olsson told the news agency: "He's now in hospital... I know that he needed surgery." It is believed that the mother first imprisoned her child when he was around 13. He was taken out of school when he was in seventh grade, the relative told broadcaster SVT. She explained to SVT that the family was "dysfunctional," and the mother had become "overprotective" of her son after losing a child some years earlier. The mother denies the allegations. According to local police, an investigation is ongoing. Courtesy: Insider

Lawmaker Suspended After Kissing Woman’s Breast During Virtual Session – Naijanewsdirect

  A lawmaker has been suspended after he was spotted kissing a woman’s breast during a virtual session of congress. Juan Emilio Ameri, who represents the northern province of Salta, was seen by both colleagues and members of the public committing the lewd act as the chamber of deputies held a special meeting broadcast on Zoom. The incident happened in Argentina. Footage of the incident quickly went viral on social media, sparking outrage and quickly leading to a vote in which the 47-year-old was suspended pending an investigation. In the footage, Mr Ameri, who is in the ruling Frene de Todos coalition, can be seen sitting down in front of a web cam with a woman on his lap. As another politician addresses his colleagues, Mr Ameri puts his face to the woman’s chest, before pulling down her top and appearing to kiss her breast. Following his suspension, Mr Ameri said the woman was his partner and that he believed at the time he was not connected to the meeting. “I’m very ashamed, [I feel] very bad,” Mr Ameri said, according to the Buenos Aires Times. “Here, throughout the interior of the country, the [internet] connection is very bad.” Mr Ameri added he gave his partner “a kiss” because 10 days ago she underwent breast implant surgery. The deputies meeting was immediately interrupted, with speaker Sergio Massa telling colleagues he needed to report a “serious offence” against the “normal decorum and operation” of the lower house. Ms Massa’s proposal to create a commission weighing up Mr Ameri’s expulsion from the chamber was endorsed, and the father-of-three now faces a wait of up for five days for the decision. It is not the first time a virtual meeting has tripped up a politician since their use became widespread with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. In April, a California state official was forced

Why Slave Descendants Are Prevented From Marrying Who They Want In ‘Igboland’ – Naijanewsdirect

  By: Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani In a tragedy reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet, a couple in Nigeria killed themselves earlier this month after their parents had forbidden them from marrying because one of them was a descendant of slaves. "They're saying we can't get married... all because of an ancient belief," the note they left behind said. The lovers, who were in their early thirties, hailed from Okija in south-eastern Anambra state, where slavery was officially abolished in the early 1900s, as in the rest of the country, by the UK, Nigeria's colonial ruler at the time. But descendants of freed slaves among the Igbo ethnic group still inherit the status of their ancestors and they are forbidden by local culture from marrying those Igbos seen as "freeborn". "God created everyone equally so why would human beings discriminate just because of the ignorance of our forefathers," the couple said. Quote card: Favour: "They told their son that they didn't want anything to do with me" Many Igbo couples come across such unexpected discrimination. Three years ago Favour, 35, who prefers not to use her surname, was preparing for her wedding to a man she had dated for five years, when his Igbo family discovered that she was the descendant of a slave. "They told their son that they didn't want anything to do with me," said Favour, who is also Igbo. At first, her fiancé was defiant, but the pressure from his parents and siblings soon wore him down and he ended their romance. "I felt bad. I was so hurt. I was so pained," she said. Prosperous but 'inferior' Marriage is not the only barrier slave descendants face. They are also banned from traditional leadership positions and elite groups, and often prevented from running for political office and representing their communities in parliament. Oge Maduagwu travels around the south-east to meet traditional leaders to change

“My Nigerian Great-Grandfather Sold Slaves” – Naijanewsdirect

View photos Slave Driving In Africa In The 19Th Century. From Africa By Keith Johnston, Published 1884. Amid the global debate about race relations, colonialism and slavery, some of the Europeans and Americans who made their fortunes in trading human beings have seen their legacies reassessed, their statues toppled and their names removed from public buildings. Nigerian journalist and novelist Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani writes that one of her ancestors sold slaves, but argues that he should not be judged by today's standards or values. My great-grandfather, Nwaubani Ogogo Oriaku, was what I prefer to call a businessman, from the Igbo ethnic group of south-eastern Nigeria. He dealt in a number of goods, including tobacco and palm produce. He also sold human beings. "He had agents who captured slaves from different places and brought them to him," my father told me. Nwaubani Ogogo's slaves were sold through the ports of Calabar and Bonny in the south of what is today known as Nigeria. People from ethnic groups along the coast, such as the Efik and Ijaw, usually acted as stevedores for the white merchants and as middlemen for Igbo traders like my great-grandfather. They loaded and offloaded ships and supplied the foreigners with food and other provisions. They negotiated prices for slaves from the hinterlands, then collected royalties from both the sellers and buyers. View photos Several European nations had slave compounds in what is now Nigeria About 1.5 million Igbo slaves were shipped across the Atlantic Ocean between the 15th and 19th Centuries. More than 1.5 million Africans were shipped to what was then called the New World - the Americas - through the Calabar port, in the Bight of Bonny, making it one of the largest points of exit during the transatlantic trade. View photos Graphic showing the slave trade The only life they knew Nwaubani Ogogo lived in a time when the fittest survived