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Behold! 40 Fulfilled Prophecies Of Primate Ayodele in 2021 – Naijanewsdirect


Towards the end of the year like this, prophets are one of those that get attention because most look up to them for what to expect in the coming year. In Nigeria, one of the renowned prophet whose new year prophecies enjoy massive anticipation and readership is Primate Elijah Ayodele, the leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church.

Among Nigerian prophets, he is always the first to release his new year prophecies and it’s always before Christmas. In 2020, he released 2021 prophecies on the 23rd Of December ahead of every other prophets in the country.

One thing that also stands Primate Ayodele out is the way his new year prophecies come to pass almost immediately. In the past, he has been celebrated for releasing new year prophecies that came to pass in the first month of the year to show how unique his prophetic ministry is.

Among his prophecies for 2021 which was released in December 2020, about 40 fulfilled prophecies have been collated out of them though they are more than that but the selected ones are the most distinct fulfilled prophecies.

1 Bridge Collapse: Just two months ago, there was a case of bridge collapse in Delta state, it involved a major bridge that had been there for sometime suddenly collapsing. In Primate Ayodele’s 2021 prophecies, it was clearly written that there will be cases of bridge collapse in the country.

‘’ There will be cases of collapsed bridges in Nigeria. The 4th Mainland Bridge and 2nd Niger Bridge will come into actualization.’’

2 Protest Against President Buhari: One would agree that 2021 has witnessed several protest from different groups against President Muhammadu Buhari. Just recently, some northern youths staged a protest against the president, asking him to resign. We now see lawmakers who are from the ruling party speaking against the president in the house due to security and economic challenges. These were well spelt out in Primate Ayodele’s 2021 prophecies. He al

‘’ The people will protest against Buhari and call him different names. Buhari will disappoint many people as he will not be able to steer the ship of his government appropriately. The Buhari Government will witness a lot of setbacks in terms of security, economy and unfulfilled promises. These will cause divisions in the ruling party. Buhari will disappoint a lot of his followers.’’

3 Crisis Between Lawmakers: 2021 has also widely witnessed lawmakers having issues with each other. In Imo state recently, we saw how the house of assembly speaker was impeached by assembly members. It was not just in Imo alone, there was clashes in some state house of assembly as Primate Ayodele said.

4 Shekarau’s Death: One of the things Primate Ayodele was celebrated for is the death of Boko haram leader, Abubakar Shekarau. In his 2021 Prophecies, he categorically stated that Shekarau’s days are numbered. Just as he said it, his death was confirmed and unlike before when he will still come up again, his name was never mentioned again.

5 Fulani Herdsmen Crisis: During the release of these 2021 Prophecies, Primate Ayodele revealed that he foresees crisis between farmers and Fulani herdsmen. As he said it, the year has witnessed fearful crisis between them. This is one of the reasons Sunday Igboho came up and till now, the aftermath of this crisis still bites really hard

‘’ There will be problems between the Fulani herdsmen and farmers because the herdsmen will destroy some farm products. Going to steal and cause destruction on some farm lands. There will be a serious attack on farmers in the Northern and Eastern parts of Nigeria. God revealed to me that some of these herdsmen are used for a purpose which will still be revealed.’’

6 Twitter Ban: One of the highlights of 2021 is the ban of microblogging platform, Twitter by the federal government. Primate Ayodele stated in his new year prophecy that he foresees the government fighting the usage of social media

‘’The Nigeria government will want to ban social media activities which people will be going aggressively against. The plans of the government will not work. Government wants to make social media difficult; this will fail the government because people will resist it.’’

7 Governors’ Forum Crisis: In the course of the year, Nigerian governors were seen attacking each other. There was war of words between them and this fulfills Primate Ayodele’s prophecy on governors’ forum in Nigeria.

‘’ There will be misunderstandings in the Governors’ Forum; therefore, they should be careful about their activities. There is a big gang up against the Chairman of the Governors’ Forum’’

8 APC Governors’ Forum: The year was definitely not a rosy one for governors of the ruling party. They were seen openly attacking each other. The governors of Ondo and Kaduna state spoke against each other on the issue of Fulani herdsmen.

‘’ In APC Governors’ Forum, there will be divisions and misinterpretation of words and situations. They will be having different takes on issues.’’

9 Zoning: Zoning ahead of 2023 has caused a lot of issues between political parties in the year. This was also stated in Primate Ayodele’s prophecy for the year. He said political parties will not respect the gentleman agreement towards Zoning of presidency and this is exactly what has been happening

‘’ Both parties the APC and the PDP will not respect the gentleman agreement in their zoning of the office of the President. There will be hidden agenda that will work against zoning of offices. The zoning will not be realistic and apart from this, there will be so many arguments against this zoning and that is how the presidency will elude the Igbos in 2023. Those that are aspiring for the presidency among the Igbos will fall midway. Meanwhile a strong group will come up to be speaking loudly for Igbo presidency. They will want to bring the best candidates out of the candidates of each party’’

10 Political tension: Some states in the country were faced with political tension that led to the death of important personalities. This was also part of Primate Ayodele’s prophecies for the year. He mentioned the states that will be faced with the crisis and as he said it, it came to pass.

‘’ These are the states in Nigeria that will have political tension: Imo, Abia, Enugu, Kano, Kaduna, Sokoto, Ekiti, Oyo and Anambra.’’

11 Attack On Governors: The governors of Borno state, Benue state will never forget 2021 as a year they had a close shave with death. Both of them escaped death severally this year even though they were in their convoys. Meanwhile, Primate Ayodele already predicted that there will be attack on governors in the year.

‘’ Lets pray in Nigeria for God’s protection so that no Governor’s convoy, Minister’s convoy will be attacked or involved in an accident.’’

12 Impeachment Of Speakers: In 2021, the speakers of Imo and plateau state house of assembly were impeached while the deputy speaker of Imo state was also impeached. This fulfilled Primate Ayodele’s prophecy that categorically stated that he foresees the impeachment of two speakers

‘I foresee that two Speakers will be removed and also a Deputy Speaker will be impeached.’

13 AGF Crisis: in the course of the year, the attorney general of the federation, Abubakar Malami was faced with several indictments. This was contained in Primate Ayodele’s prophecy for the year.

‘’ The Attorney General will be making all sorts of effort, yet the office will be indicted and they will take wrong steps on some legal issues.’’

14 Anambra election: Arguably one of the most serious issue that came up in 2021. Primate Ayodele had reveal the outcome of the election since December 2020 and we all saw how it happened.


The Anambra Election in 2021 will be very tough; there will be a lot of electioneering tension that will come up. The major contestants will be from PDP and APGA. There will be internal wranglings that will rock APGA. They will want to confuse the Governor, if the Governor does not produce a good candidate and settle the factions in the Party.’’

15 Electoral Amendment: At the moment, there is rancor between the presidency and the lawmakers over the amendment of nigeria’s electoral process. The lawmaker had sent an amended electoral bill to the presidency that makes provision for direct primary for all political parties. This fulfils Primate Ayodele’s prophecies of 2021 as he categorically stated that he foresees an amendment.

‘’ It may not be in 2021 but there will be Electoral Amendments and Constitutional Reforms.’’

16 Attack On Churches: Bandits attack on churches was very rampant in the course of the year. Some pastors were shot dead while preaching, members were kidnaped in church. This also fulfils Primate Ayodele’s prophecy

‘’ Armed bandits will attack churches and will kidnap church leaders and there will be political assassination’’

17 Death Of Lawmakers: In the year, some former and present lawmakers died. just this week, a house of assembly member was shot dead by bandits. This also fulfils Primate Ayodele’s prophecy

‘I foresee the death of a senator, the death of an honorable and the death of house of assembly member’’

18 Corruption: Corruption was one thing that made waves in 2021. We saw how some appointees were dismissed after they were found guilty of corrupt practices. This isn’t a surprise because Primate Ayodele foretold it.

‘’ Corruption will hit buhari’s government but so many people in the government will be indicted. Buhari’s aides and minister be accused of corruption’’

19 PDP Governors Crisis: it is not even news that governors of the opposition party had crisis between themselves. The governors of Benue and Bauchi state recently engaged in war of words over Fulani herdsmen crisis. This fulfils Primate Ayodele’s prophecy.

‘PDP Governors will fail to understand so many things due to rancor among them and this will affect the fortunes of the Party’’

20 Fire Outbreak In Market: from the beginning of the year till this month, we have been seeing fire outbreak in our markets. This was very rampant this year just as Primate Ayodele foretold it.

21 Climatic Condition: 2021 climatic condition came with a very different aura. This also caused flooding in places that it never happened before. Primate Ayodele prepared the minds of world leaders by revealing what will be of our climatic condition.

‘’ The Spirit of God says there will be changes in our climatic condition. The spirit of the Lord says Climatic conditions will run down the activities of some countries. The Climatic conditions will give the World Leaders problems that will culminate in very unpleasant situations. Climatic conditions will hit the world so hard such that it will make the world leaders run helter skelter, attending meetings upon meetings. I foresee that Climatic conditions will stop so many things and even affect the economy of nations.’’

22 Covid-19 : Primate Ayodele till today is still being celebrated for foretelling the emergence of Covid-19 in the world. In his 2021 prophecies, he made it known that the virus will subside in August but will start spreading against later in the year. As he said it, some countries eased restrictions from August but in this month, another variant was discovered and new restrictions had to be put in place.


In 2021, I foresee that Corona Virus is still going to affect so many people in Africa and the European nations despite the Vaccine. The Vaccine will work effectively and there will be more Vaccines that will curb the infection. Corona virus will spread more at the latter part of the year but it will start subsiding from the month of August’’

23 Southern Kaduna Crisis: Just when everyone thought the issue was over, the southern kaduna crisis came up again this year killings hundreds of people. This was prophesied by Primate Ayodele in 2020.

‘’ The trouble of Southern Kaduna Crisis will come up in the year.’’

24 Air Craft Crash: 2021 was a sad year in the country. The crash of NAF aircraft saw the end of Nigeria’s chief of army staff, Gen Ibrahim Attahiru. Primate Ayodele had warned that he foresees plane crash, helicopter crash in the country.

‘’ Lets us pray against plane crash or any plane crash-landing. Let us rebuke a situation where the airplane will over shot its run way. Let’s pray against a jet crash or helicopter crash landing. ‘’

25 Death Of Prime minister: Ivory coast will never forget 2021 anytime soon due to the death of the former prime minister, Hammed Bakayoko. He died at the age of 56 while serving as the country’s prime minister. Primate Ayodele warned against this in his prophecy.

‘’ Lets us pray that we don’t see any serving president or Prime Minister dying in office. ‘’

26 Religious Crisis: In plateau state, religious crisis came up during the year that led to death of some students. It got to a point that state governors had to evacuate students who are from their states from Plateau. This was prophesied by Primate Elijah Ayodele

‘’ Let us pray against religious crisis. Let’s pray against attacks in the Churches and Mosques in Nigeria. Let’s pray against the killing of people inside the church or other places of worship’’

27 Death Of Celebrities: in the entertainment industry, several important died this year that include Sound Sultan, Rachel Oniga, Baba Suwe, Band many others. Primate Ayodele requested for prayers against this.

‘’ Let’s pray against death among Nollywood and Hollywood artistes. Hip-pop artistes should pray against accident. Let’s pray against death of a Fuji and Highlife musician. Let’s pray against the death of a veteran artist’’

28: NPA: The former MD of NPA, Hadiza Usman was sacked because of corrupt practices after she was indicted. The man of God categorically stated that she will be indicted during the release of his 2021 prophecies.

‘’ The Nigeria Ports Authority will face many challenges. The Managing Director of the Nigeria Port Authority will be indicted. The Nigeria Port Authority will face so many rigorous situations especially in respect of the parking of trailers and land matters. They will face litigations and some of their personnel will be sacked. The Nigeria Port Authority needs a lot of prayers for things to be in good position.’’

29 Kidnapping: in the history of Nigeria, kidnapping has never been alarming as it is this year. Surprisingly, Primate Ayodele warned against it and categorically stated that kidnapping will be on the rise in 2021.

‘’ I foresee that the security challenges in the country will reach an alarming rate until the Government does the needful. Otherwise, there is no way the security of lives and property can be guaranteed. The spirit of God says there will be major challenges in our security system mostly kidnappings. The spirit of God says setting up the State Police will not work for now because it will be used for selfish reasons even as its Agenda and will be greatly criticized.’’

30 Bird Flu: some months ago, those rearing fowls had tears in their eyes due to a sudden flu that started killing birds. Primate Ayodele had warned about this long before it happened since 2020.

‘’ Lets pray against bird flu that will kill a lot of fowls.’’

Other fulfilled prophecies include:

31 let us pray against a serious sickness of a judge in supreme court and the court of appeal.

32 I foresee that the Militants will become problematic again. There will be Insecurity, Poverty, Famine and Economic Recession. We must be prayerful about boats capsizing, cases of collapsed buildings and some reoccurrences of Ebola and Lassa fever which will come up in some parts of Africa. I foresee that there will be fighting, even in Nigeria.

33 Let’s pray against the death of a former Governor, Journalist, a present Coach, a one-time coach in Nigeria and in The English Premiership league.

34 There will be so many factions that will wage war against the NURTW. They must pray not to lose a prominent member among them. There will be different voices coming out of the groups. The groups will face rancor and there will be bloodbath because of power tussle.

35 Lionel Messi will be benched in Barcelona even as he will not make a difference

36 Alex Nwobi will not be active in his club

37 Cristiano Ronaldo will have issues with Juventus Club

38 Parts of some States will not be secured: Lagos, Abia, Rivers, Cross River, Enugu, Kano, Kaduna, Borno, Plateau and Benue states

39 Governor Obaseki will face challenges even as there will be problems between Obeseki and PDP. Obaseki will disappoint the PDP. The Deputy Governor and Governor needs prayers because of unnecessary misunderstanding that will cause leakage in Obaseki’s government. The Governor and the deputy needs prayers for understanding.

40 Let’s pray against fire outbreak, assassination and attacks in any of the palaces of our Emirs or Kings

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