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Bamiduro Life Care Foundation Takes Shape, Feeds the Aged and Needy


It is about that time again when the needy have a cause to rejoice not only for being fed with the Word but because they also have the grace of being clothed, sheltered and empowered generously in cash. Thanks to Bamiduro Life Care Foundation, an initiative of the famous servant of God, Prophet Folorunsho Emmanuel Bamiduro.



This year’s edition of the annual charity programme, we gathered, began on Monday, June 26, and took the whole of the week to attending to the physical needs of those who need the necessities of life, food, clothing, and good healthcare. According to Prophet Bamiduro, the scheme that was launched more than a decade ago aims to cushion the effect of economic hardship on poor and aged Nigerians.



“There is a need to feed the poor as it connotes love and care. The church should move beyond just addressing the spiritual needs of them. A person who is hungry and cashless is not likely to think about his spiritual welfare,” notes the Ikare-Akoko, Ondo State born General Overseer of The Word Is Life (Iye Ni Oro Na) Ministries.


The charity outreach of Bamiduro Life Care Foundation is extending beyond its traditional base in Lagos; Ondo State, specifically the prophet’s native town, Ikare-Akoko, is already a part of the scheme as workers of the church are volunteering to travel and share to the aged and vulnerable essential items such as packs of food, bottles of water, clothes and cash in the ancient town.



“I make sure that the church did not miss one year since the Lord started the charity outreach,” declared Prophet Bamiduro, who added that he occasionally bails out the church where there’s cash crunch by taking from his personal purse to give to the poor and members of his church who are in need. He said with the little his Foundation is achieving by feeding the hungry and supporting the needy with cash and other items, he believes it would go a long way to solve hunger in the nation, if other ministries and individuals who are blessed can also do the same.



Prophet Bamiduro, however, invites old and tired Nigerians who need help genuinely from anywhere to visit the church’s location in Alagbado, Lagos or call his personal number 08033064005 for directions. He said; “Everyone struggling with feeding, tell them to come to church. As they are fed with the word of God, they will also be fed with food as well. I know this will move a lot of people to this church but I know the God I serve will provide and supply all that is necessary to carry out the operation.



Asking influential Nigerians and business outfits who God has blessed to key into the operation and ensure they are also partakers of the blessings attached to giving by contributing their quota, Bamiduro said he is optimistic the scheme will be a great movement where souls and lives will be touched with the little way they are showing love to the poor and their names will be written in gold.


Concluding, the servant of God said;

“We’re not smarter, we’re not more talented, and we’re not more valuable than people who are poor. When we have the opportunity to help anyone, we should do it. Maybe people need training. Maybe they need help finding a job. Maybe they need a network of folks who can connect them with mentors and resources. It’s our responsibility to care for the less privileged. This is how we can be the church. The Bible says, “Share your food with everyone who is hungry; share your home with the poor and homeless. Give clothes to those in need; don’t turn away your relatives” (Isa. 58:7).”

Tunde Ogunmola
Tunde Ogunmola
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