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Apostle Johnson Suleman: On A Mission To Restore Dignity, Honour To The Church – Naijanewsdirect

As a leader, a true God’s servant does not only practice his faith but shares it with the followers, and the entire people. Apostle Johnson Suleman, the senior pastor at the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide, is apparently working for a mission greater than himself.

As both a servant of God and a servant of His people, he is acting as the liaison between the spiritual world and the physical. As day and night pass by, he isbringing the gift of faith into the hearts of everyone within and outside his congregation. While it may be easy to simply say the word of God, to put it into perspective and preach it is a very special gift. Apostle Suleman is blessed with that rare gift and is using it to help enrich the lives of many souls.


The most interesting person a man will encounter in his life is the person who has insights about a fellow man, which the man doesn’t even know about himself.Of course, there has never been a meaningful life built on an easy street. However, a true thinker is one who knows how to navigate in the dark. Suleman’s inspiringthoughts tend to lift up the hearts in praise and adoration of God. With his regular, divine-inspired programmes both in Nigeria where his ministry’s headquarters is located, and abroad, the Auchi, Edo State born engages in the fine art of making every of his services a priestly one. His OFM ministry is God-centered and,also, man-purposed. While he touches lives with charity more than many can imagine.


Shared below are more thoughts from Apostle Suleman’s daily diaries, through which he does not only plays the role of pastor but acts as the spiritual advisor, advocate, teacher, and friend. In his years of service in the Lord’s Vineyard, he hasproven time and time again that he is truly called by God for the mission.


Let Your Body Glorify God

Your good looks shouldn’t be used to lure people to sexual immorality, rather your good looks should be used to glorify God and prove to the devil that despite your good exterior, you can still serve God in spirit and in truth and also in humility, not be consumed and drunk in your beauty because beauty is vain.

Get Clarity

Understand the different class of the opposite sex, so that you can know what suits you. You should first cultivate a friendship with a person asking your hand in marriage to know if you’re compatible with him or her.

Say No To Pre-Marital Sex

The best thing you can do for yourself when in courtship is never to engage in pre-marital sex. When sex is involved, you start feeling unnecessary false feelings of attachment and jealousy.

Dating And Courtship

Dating is when two people like themselves and connect, but it might not necessarily lead to courtship. The moment you start developing a likeness that is beyond platonic, you’ve started dating that person.

Relationship The Right Way

When you begin to get tempted by your flesh, you have to create a boundary. A lot of Christian youth do not know how to draw the line.

What Do You Picture?

You must understand the power of words and mental picturing. Without a picture of how you want to live, you’ll end up having life pass you by. You have a consciousness of a future by the reason of a picture of how you see yourself.

You Have Immunity In Christ

Ladies and gentlemen, God does not only fight for His own, He hides them from all forms of evil. Our heavenly father knows your capacity and what you can withstand. Instead of getting into an attack, God shields you and the attacker cannot find you to afflict.

With his message full of insights and truth, Apostle Suleman says, man should notbe weary but cast all his cares on the Lord. “If and when discouragement comes, remember that He is with you and for you,” he stated.

Tunde Ogunmola
Tunde Ogunmola
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