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Twitter CEO Sells First-Ever Tweet For $2.9 Million – Naijanewsdirect

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, has sold a digital version of his first tweet for $2.9 million.

The tweet has been sold as a unique digital token, known as an NFT (non-fungible token), to Sina Estavi, CEO of cryptocurrency company, Bridge Oracle.

An NFT is a limited edition asset in the digital world, including jpegs and video clips, that can be bought and sold like any other item – but has no physical form of its own.

It works as a certification for ownership of a physical asset which means the NFT will effectively function like a rare trading card.

Dorsey tweeted earlier this month that the proceeds would be converted to Bitcoin, a digital currency not tied to a bank or government, and given to non-profit Give Directly’s Africa Response.

The charity has been raising money to support African families who were financially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The tweet, which reads “just setting up my twttr” was posted at 8.50pm on 21 March 2006.

After the bid was secured, Estavi wrote on Twitter: “This is not just a tweet!

“I think years later people will realise the true value of this tweet, like the Mona Lisa painting.”

He added that he was “glad this money is being donated to charity”.

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