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I Was Sent To Preach Against False Doctrine – Prophet Odedoyin – Naijanewsdirect

Prophet Ezekiel Odedoyin is the general overseer of Christ for All Souls Ministry. Ever since he accepted the calling, God has used him to set the captive free, make the blind to see and also to become a blessing to the needy. In this interview, he revealed his life experience, how he was called and some of the challenges. Excerpt…   As the brain behind Christ for All Soul Ministry, can you briefly tell us about you and how the ministry started? I want to give grace and honour unto the name of the Lord. I am not the brain behind this ministry. I want to give honour to the Almighty God, the owner of this ministry. He is the owner. I want to appreciate him for choosing a mere servant like me. I was just a mere man I never thought of being a Pastor. I never in my life thought of becoming a Pastor. There was a day I had a dream and I met an old man that told me that he wanted to send me an errand, and he said those people, the so-called Pastors have disappointed him. They have honoured themselves instead of him. He said that I should go and preach about his own name. As He was following me, I was speedily moving but he was moving on the air, he wasn’t using his feet to run, he was moving on the air and I laid down, he stretches his hand forth and the fire from the heaven come upon me and ever since then I began to speak in tongues, I began to perform signs and wonders. When the power came and before then I had a revelation where I saw an angel that said he wanted to take me to a place, he said

In Video Sermon, Prophet Odedoyin Calls Out Pastor Adeboye, Prophecies On 2023 Election, Buhari Government – Naijanewsdirect

Prophet Ezekiel Odedoyin is the general overseer of Christ For all Souls Ministry who has been in the vineyard for years and is known to be a voice through which God has delivered many from captivity. Recently, the spirit-filled prophet revealed some prophecies he received from God asking Nigerians to be more prayerful as the country will be delivered from the hand of bad leaders soon. In his words; “God speaks from this church and it comes to pass because He is the light of the world. The Lord is speaking from heaven. He said, it is not yet time for the country to break because God is still going to ask for the lives of some innocent people from their murderers. God will take vengeance on those that have been killing people in this country. And new leaders that will demand justice from bad ones will emerge soon. They will seek justice against the bandits, bad leaders and their children. God revealed to me that, 2023 general election will be held but many lives will be lost. Nigerians should pray because there are some set of people that knows the next president and if they choose the person, the hardship will be worse than this.” The prophet also said; “There are some set of people who have decided to hijack the Buhari presidency and they are so confident that nobody can take the government away from them. God revealed to me that, He did not appoint those set of people, so they will be disgraced when the time comes. I see many arrests among the politicians and there will be more kidnappings if we don’t pray fervently. And at the time of the election, God himself will take the glory.” Continuing, he said; “God said that many churches have moved away from the will