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Primate Ayodele Releases Fresh Prophecies for 13 African Countries – Naijanewsdirect

  The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has released fresh prophecies for 13 African countries that includes Ghana, Mali, Sri Lanka, Haiti, Somalia, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, and several others. In a statement signed by his media aide, Osho Oluwatosin, Primate Ayodele revealed what will be the fate of the countries in the coming days. For Ghana, he made it known that the citizens will protest against the government and that the present party will not win the next election. " Ghana citizens will protest against the government of Ghana, they will not vote for the party in the coming election, if Mahama contest now, he will win because the people are tired of this party.Let us pray against kidnapping, herdsmen attack in Ghana, the economy will become one of the worse in Africa. There will be total insecurity which will disqualify the present government." in Ivory coast, he noted that the current government will not be voted for again. " The present government in Ivory coast will not be voted for again, the people will go on rampage against the activities of the present government. let them be very careful because this present administration will disappoint a lot of people, there will be confusion in the ruling party. People will start cursing the government because of different laws" In Zimbabwe, he said the coming election will be full of fraud because it will not be free and fair " The coming election in Zambabwe will be full of fraud, It will not be free and fair, the opposition will not get it. The election will not be democratic enough." In Uganda, the man of God said they will be faced with tough time as the president will face tough time. " In Uganda, it will be a tough time, let them be careful because the military

“You Can’t Become Nigeria’s President”, Primate Ayodele’s Prophetic Warning To Wike – Naijanewsdirect

  The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has sent prophetic warnings to the governor of Rivers state, Nyesom Wike on his presidential ambition which he declared some weeks ago. In a statement signed by his media aide, Osho Oluwatosin, Primate Ayodele made it known that Wike cannot become Nigeria’s next president and that he should pursue a vice president slot instead. He adviced the governor not to waste his money and energy on the presidential ambition rather, he should support a presidential candidate that he can deputize in the people democratic party. ‘’ Governor Wike cannot become the president of Nigeria, he should pursue a vice president slot, he should not waste money and energy rather, he should support a presidential candidate that he can deputize.’’ He also warned the governor not to shoot himself on the leg because of his aspirations, while making it known that all power belongs to God. He explained that God has a better future for the governor but if he isn’t careful, he will become a hindrance for God’s plans to be fulfilled. ‘’ Try not to shoot yourself on the leg because of what you want to become in the PDP, take it easy, all power belongs to God, only Him can give you power, God has a better future for you but don’t hinder yourself.’’ ‘’ I’m not saying you should take my words, that’s what God has revealed to me, you need to get into the system so you won’t be a forgotten entity but not through the presidency. God will help you, He has promised you but don’t be the reason for those promises not to be kept, seek God’s face more.’’ Furthermore , Primate Ayodele noted that Wike should seek the face of God in choosing the next governor of the state, revealing

Come, Let Us Criticize Primate Ayodele’s Prophecies – Naijanewsdirect

  One important emphasis in the Gospel is prophetic fulfillment, and this always happens in order to fulfill what God has said through the prophet.   Prophets, it is known, serve two important functions. First, they are preachers of righteousness. Much of their preaching is intended to call people to be faithful to what God has already revealed through His Word. Second, they foretell things that would come to pass.   Like the famous Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, who earns a unique authority through the predictive nature of his ministry, when a prophetic prediction is fulfilled, it is one strong proof that prophets indeed do speak from God   Within the space of 14 days, six major prophetic messages from about fifteen released last December by Ayodele in the 2021 edition of his yearly prophecy handbook called ‘Warning To The Nation’ have come to pass. This is a clear signal that, just like in biblical times, the same God who relayed His messages through prophets, is still calling the prophets.   That being the case, it is not enough to criticize prophets. As we learn more about prophets, we certainly will come to understand that God still speaks to the world today and that you can more closely follow Him and find greater happiness by listening to prophets’ warnings. We should also appreciate the fact that, while God’s commandments never change, the world we live in is always changing. Different periods of time have each brought new circumstances and unique challenges. So, prophets do receive direction from God to help people navigate new challenges and situations.     Amongst fulfilled divine warnings made by Primate Ayodele is the health challenge of Nigerian top politician and a leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Bola Tinubu. Ahead of his declaration to contest for Nigeria’s presidency in 2023, Ayodele had warned mid

Dare Melody, Two Journalists Get Car Gift From Primate Ayodele On Annual Thanksgiving Day – Naijanewsdirect

  Monday, 14th Of February, 2022 will forever be memorable in the lives of gospel musician Dare Melody and two veteran journalists as Primate Elijah Ayodele, a foremost prophet and the Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church opened his book of remembrance concerning them by giving them exotic cars. The man of God whose philanthropic gestures knows no bounds had mentioned it long before the event held that he will be giving out cars to celebrate his annual thanksgiving day but details were not immediately known as he wanted it to be a surprise gift to reward the services of the beneficiaries. It would be recalled that he did the same last year during his annual thanksgiving by giving out cars to two prominent journalists who have done excellently well in their career. During the presentation of the car gifts to journalists, Primate Ayodele described the beneficiaries as excellent professionals who have engaged in selfless services in their careers. The man of God had always maintained that his gifts to journalists isn’t a way to hinder them from doing their jobs but to appreciate the fourth estate of the realm in Nigeria especially at a time when they are not duly rewarded by the system. Also, Juju Maestro, King Sunny Ade was asked to present musician, Dare Melody his car gift courtesy of the man of God, Primate Elijah Ayodele. Apart from the car gifts given to the musicians and journalists, several members and non-members of Primate’s church went home with smiles on their faces after benefiting from Primate Ayodele’s philanthropic largesse. About 1000 JAMB/WAEC/GCE forms, four tricycles, relief materials, accommodation fees, tuition fees, refrigerators, grinding machines, many others were given out to celebrate the prophet’s annual thanksgiving. Furthermore, Primate Ayodele commissioned a self-sponsored road construction worth millions of naira in the community to celebrate his annual thanksgiving

Afenifere Leader, Chief Ayo Adebanjo Declares Primate Ayodele As Nigeria’s Leading Prophet – Naijanewsdirect

  Chief Ayo Adebanjo, the acting leader of pan-yoruba socio political group, Afenifere has declared the Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele as the leading prophet in Nigeria. Chief Ayo Adebanjo made a surprise appearance at Primate Ayodele’s annual thanksgiving ceremony that was held yesterday Monday, 14th Of February, 2022 to honour God in the life of the leading prophet. While speaking on his relationship with Primate Ayodele, Chief Adebanjo revealed that he has known the prophet for over 40 years though it’s been a while since they last saw before yesterday. ‘’I came to celebrate my son, I have known him for a long time, at the early stage of his ministry, he has been prophesying and has proven to be a rare messenger of God, I have not seen him in 20 years. I want to wish him more years and success. Primate Ayodele is the number one prophet in Nigeria’’ Reacting to the surprise appearance of Chief Adebanjo, Primate Ayodele expressed a heart-felt gratitude to the nonagenarian for coming to celebrate him, while talking about how far their relationship has come. Going down the memory lane, Primate Ayodele noted that he used to go to Pa Adebanjo’s house to eat at the early stage of his ministry and that he was very instrumental to him and his ministry. ‘’Baba Adebanjo’s impact in my ministry cannot be underestimated. I remember during the early days of my ministry when I used to go to his house to eat. Whenever I visit him, we talk for hours till the late hours of the night, we were very close and enjoyed a relationship of a father and son’’ ‘’ Baba Adebanjo is someone I respect so much for his personality. He is vibrant, intelligent, wise and has all the qualities of a good man. Indeed, He

All Set For Primate Elijah Ayodele’s Annual Thanksgiving On February 14 – Naijanewsdirect

  All is now set for the annual thanksgiving ceremony of the leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele on Monday, February 14, 2022. Several dignitaries have started trooping into Lagos to honour and celebrate the man of God with their presence. Important personalities like Ooni Of Ife, Oba Ogunwusi Adeyeye, Sultan Of Sokoto, Sa’adu Abubakar, Bishop Tom Samson, Rev Sam Ogedengbe, state governors, African leaders, among a host of many others have confirmed their attendance. The annual thanksgiving ceremony is always a 16-day event that ends on every February 14 being the grand finale. This year thanksgiving activities started on Sunday, 30th of January, 2022 with a food service at the prophet’s church followed by appreciation of widows and aged on the following day. Subsequent days featured visits to schools, FRSC offices, police stations, hospitals, medical check-ups for residents within the church’s community, and other philanthropic activities. On February 14 being the grand finale, one major thing that will define the day is massive philanthropic activities. In previous years, February 14 has been described as the day for ‘mother of all empowerments’ due to the gifts worth millions of naira that Primate Ayodele dole out in cash, relief materials and scholarships. This year 2022 won’t be an exception and as usual, it will be more massive than the previous years. One of the highlights to expect this year is the commissioning of roads in the community which was financed by the man of God in a way to bring succor to the residents. Just like last year when two journalists were given cars worth millions of naira, Primate Ayodele will still do the same to celebrate the 2022 annual thanksgiving ceremony. Apart from these, several empowerments, scholarships, GCE/WAEC/JAMB forms, etc will be given out to the needy and downtrodden on February 14, 2022 as it

Opinion: All Primate Ayodele Said That Came To Pass In AFCON 2021***by Gabriel Osaze – Naijanewsdirect

    The African Cup Of Nations 2021 has just been concluded with Senegal taking home the trophy after defeating Egypt in penalty shoot-out. AFCON 2021 definitely brought so many surprises with some popular team exiting the tournament earlier than expected while some not so popular team stayed on the tournament longer than expected. As surprising as it was, followers of popular prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele were not caught unaware as the prophet already prophesied before the beginning of the tournament all that was going to happen from the beginning till the end of the tournament. This was made known during the release of his 2022 prophecies on Wednesday, 22nd Of December, 2021 at his Lagos church. A sports journalist had asked the prophet on what the super eagles of Nigeria should expect at AFCON 2021 since the man of God is also a Nigerian. In his response, he categorically said the super eagles are not going anywhere despite being one of the strongest team in the tournament. He added in the prophecy that they will be eased out technically in the tournament. This statement by the man of God was perceived by some as false because they didn’t see what the prophet was seeing at that time. Super Eagles team had brilliant performances in their first three games but were unexpectedly knocked out by a weaker Tunisia team by technicality, as Primate Ayodele prophesied. Going further in the 90-page 2022 prophecies signed by his media aide, Osho Oluwatosin, Primate Ayodele mentioned some teams that cup before the tournament started. It has always been the style of the man of God to prophesy ahead of events as prophecies are to give details of what is yet to come. Among those he mentioned are close to the cup include Egypt, Cameroun, and Senegal and we all know these three

AFCON 2021: INRI Church Confirms Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy Video Doctored – Naijanewsdirect

The INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church has condemned in strongest terms claims that a certain prophecy video originated from its spiritual leader, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, regarding which country lifts the Trophy at the just concluded Africa Cup Of Nations tournament. The final stage of the match saw Senegal defeating Egypt to take home victory via penalty shootouts. Meanwhile, in the wake of the unpredictable Senegal victory over Egypt, rumour mongers went to town with a claim that Primate Ayodele foretold an Egypt win in the final match, in a clear attempt to rubbish the servant of God’s prophetic anointing. Of course, Primate said in his 2022 prophetic messages delivered last December, that surprises awaited sports’ fans in the new year, especially as they relate to the forthcoming AFCON matches, he never said categorically that Egypt would lift the Cup. It is, therefore, surprising to find spreading in the social media a video clip in which Primate Ayodele purportedly prophesied an Egypt victory at AFCON. The servant of God had, while addressing a world press conference preparatory to the release of his 2022 prophecy handbook, ‘Warnings to The Nations’, stated pointedly that Nigeria’s Super Eagles “are not going anywhere”, despite being one of the strongest teams in the tournament. Ayodele said in the declaration that the Super Eagles “will be eased out technically,” adding that “I will leave it at that; believe it or leave it.” A close aide of the INRI leader, however, denied the source of the alleged prophecy video in circulation. According to the source, “anything goes with the social media, adding that the voice on the video purported to be that of Primate Ayodele could not be genuine as, “there was not a time that Papa gave such a prophecy. If he did, I am one of the persons to know. So, you

Primate Ayodele Begins Annual Thanksgiving With Visit To Schools, FRSC, Police Stations, Others – Naijanewsdirect

  The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has begun his annual thanksgiving activities with support for widows and aged, visit to schools, federal road safety corps offices, police stations for prayers. The first day of the activities was on Sunday, 30th Of January, 2022 and it featured a food service at his Lagos church. It proceeded to the next day Monday, 31st Of January, 2022 with appreciation of widows and the aged by Primate Ayodele at his church premises. While hosting the widows and aged on the second day, Primate Ayodele had breakfast with them and prayed specially for them. They also in return appreciated the man of God and prayed for him too. The third day Tuesday, 1st Of February, 2022 was a special prayer programme at his Lagos church that had thousands of people in the church premises. As usual during his annual thanksgiving programme, Primate Ayodele visited four schools on Wednesday, 2nd Of February 2022. The schools are Adex Comprehensive College, Best Precious Gift Schools, Golden Focus Schools, Tall Hope Schools to spend some time with their pupils, pray for them and support them with cash gifts. Furthermore, On Thursday, 3rd Of February, 2022 being the fifth day, Primate Ayodele visited federal road safety corps, police stations majorly for prayers. The activities will continue till Monday, 14th Of February, 2022 which will be the grand finale. Several dignitaries have been billed to attend the event as it will feature the mother of all empowerments.

Bishop Tom Samson, Rev Sam Ogedengbe To Grace Primate Ayodele’s Annual Thanksgiving In February

  The general overseer of Christ Royal Church, Bishop Tom Samson and the national president of all Christian leaders, Reverend Sam Ogedengbe have joined the list of anointed men of God to minister at the annual thanksgiving ceremony of Primate Elijah Ayodele, the leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church.   The event which takes place annually on February 14 will no doubt be a memorable one with the arrays of personalities that have confirmed their attendance. The likes of Ooni Of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Sultan Of Sokoto, Muhammadu Sa'ad Abubakar, Juju maestro, King Sunny Ade, newly added Bishop Tom Samson, Rev Sam Ogedengbe are expected at the highly anticipated thanksgiving.   As always, the event will feature a church service where Rev Sam Ogedengbe will minister in the morning while Bishop Tom Samson will lead the congregation in a spirit-filled sermon later in the afternoon.   The major reason behind this annual thanksgiving is philanthropic activities. In previous years, cars, scholarships, tricycles, JAMB forms, WAEC forms, cash gifts, house rents, have been given out by the man of God. February 14, 2022 will not be an exception, it will only be a continuation of what the man of God has always done annually for the needy and downtrodden.