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Brazil Presidential Election: The Peculiarity Of Primate Ayodele’s Prophecies ***by Louis Carlos – Naijanewsdirect

  I am sincerely writing this article with so much pain because I have just lost the little grip I have on power with the loss of President Jair Bolsonaro to the former president of Brazil, former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the run-off that was just concluded. This loss is personal to me because i never expected that President Bolsonaro will lose his second term bid to rule our nation, it was never expected even though it has been a tight contest since the beginning of the election, I had high hopes that my candidate would eventually become victorious in the election but with the latest development, I am in serious shock. I have never been a fan of prophetic declarations or prophecies, I am not a Christian, I am a traditional worshipper who believes so much in engaging crystal ball to tell me what the future holds but there is this Nigerian prophet that keeps popping up on the internet whenever I surf to keep myself abreast with information concerning the election. His name is Primate Ayodele, claims to be a prophet but has never gotten my full attention because I am not even a Christian, therefore, we have no business together. In one of the African newspapers (City People magazine), he spoke concerning the Brazil presidential election and this is why I gave a little attention to this particular prophecy of his, I have to protect my interest just incase he says something against my candidate. He said in this newspaper that the incumbent president of Brazil will not win the election and that a one-time president of the country will become victorious in the presidential election. When I saw it, I immediately discarded it because I didn’t believe such would happen, no one from Brazil would have even believed

How Primate Ayodele Foretold Fire Outbreak In WAEC Office, Fuel Scarcity – Naijanewsdirect

  The headquarters of West African Examination Council (WAEC), Yaba was gutted by fire this morning and had several people trapped in the building. It is not yet known if there are casualties but obviously, documents and properties worth millions of naira have been destroyed. This is no doubt a sad situation that should never happen considering the sensitive documents in the building. However, this has been foretold by a popular Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele in his annual book of prophecy titled Warnings To The Nations which was released in July 2022. Warnings to the nations is a prophecy booklet that talks about every country in the world and every sector of the country including education, sports, governance, economy, business, to mention a few. While speaking on WAEC in the book, Primate Ayodele warned that the body should pray against fire outbreaks in any of their offices. Unfortunately, this has been fulfilled this morning. Also, Nigerians are currently groaning in pain due to the sudden scarcity of fuel that hit the nation earlier this week. Petrol is now being sold for N200/ltr and above in stations that have it. Primate Ayodele had also warned Nigerians of this situation severally. The most recent of his warnings concerning the fuel crisis was in August when he said the economy of Nigeria cannot be better again under this present government. He mentioned that essential commodities will be costly and the fuel will sell for N250/Ltr because it will become scarce ( . This again has just been fulfilled as some petrol stations sell for N250/ltr just as Primate Ayodele warned.

Nigeria @62: “There’s Nothing To Celebrate, Our Leaders Have Failed Us But God Will Intervene” – Primate Ayodele Declares – Naijanewsdirect

  The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has expressed grief over the situation of Nigeria since the country gained independence 62 years ago. In a statement signed by his media aide, Osho Oluwatosin, Primate Ayodele described the 62nd independence anniversary as nothing to write home about in all spheres of life. He explained that there is nothing to celebrate because our leaders since independence have failed the nation and never considered the future of Youths right from inception. He noted that Nigeria has experienced nothing but stagnancy, pain, hunger and failed promises in the hands of our past leaders and that they keep deceiving the citizens that the country will be better by the day but there has been no improvement ever since rather, the situation of the country has been deteriorating. ‘’62 years of independence is nothing to write home about the economy, leadership and all spheres of life, Nigeria has failed. Our leaders since we got independence didn’t consider the future of the youth, what Nigeria will become, what will happen, they didn’t care about it but now, they are rallying round saying they want to make the country better, are they not deceivers after they disappointed us, their children and God? They will all pay for it.’’ ‘’This is 62 years of stagnancy, pain, hunger, and failed promises. Their children are going to school but they have destroyed the future of students in the country yet they are saying they want to repent, they should come out to confess what they have all done. They will all suffer for it because they will see the anger of God. What can we say about our 62 years of independence? Absolutely nothing. They say Nigeria will be better every day, we organize prayers but nothing has improved, it’s been the

Primate Ayodele’s Prophetic Impact On Ibrahim Gusau’s Victory As NFF President – Naijanewsdirect

  Alhaji Ibrahim Gusau has just been elected as the new president of the Nigeria football federation (NFF) in Benin at an electoral congress after the tenure of the incumbent, Amaju Pinnick expired. Gusau contended with several other candidates in the election but was favoured to have received the highest vote from the electorates. Ibrahim Gusau’s bid to become the next NFF President was not ordinary, it was more of a divine orchestration considering some prophetic declarations and revelations said by popular prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele concerning his ambition. Primate Ayodele made a statement in April 2022 concerning the NFF presidency and mentioned that Ibrahim Gusau has been endorsed by God to take over from Amaju Pinnick if the federation wants the best. He said this while warning Pinnick not to seek a third term ambition in office. Again in August, Primate Ayodele made a more elaborate revelation concerning the ambition of Ibrahim Gusau by saying the NFF deserves a better leader because the country’s football is in serious dilemma. He revealed that humanly speaking, he would have loved Amaju Pinnick to maintain the position but God has spoken and His choice is Ibrahim Gusau. These were his words ‘’The only person who can make the NFF better is Ibrahim Gusau. I want Amaju Pinnick to retain the seat in my human capacity but God said No to his ambition but Yes to Ibrahim Gusau. Pinnick is a nice man, loveable and compassionate man but he is not God’s choice for the leadership of NFF. He is a man I love so much, I prayed for him to still retain his position as NFF president but God rejected him, there is nothing that can be done to it.’’ ‘’Amaju Pinnick is my brother, he is a good Christian and I would have loved a Christian to be

Behold! Primate Ayodele’s Fulfilled Prophecies On Uganda, Jigawa, Benue States – Naijanewsdirect

  The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has continued to build up his profile as an accurate seer of the most high God with the incessant fulfilment of his prophetic warnings. Many of his 2022 prophecies which were released in December 2021 have been fulfilled already. Among the prophecies are the death of Queen Elizabeth, harsh climatic condition experience in European countries, economic challenges in the United Kingdom, resignation of Boris Johnson as prime minister, emergence of William Ruto as the president of Kenya, death of prominent traditional rulers in Nigeria, economic and security challenges in nigeria, to mention a few. In addition to his many fulfilled prophecies, the most recent outbreak of Ebola Virus in Uganda has fulfilled the warnings of the man of God in his annual book of prophecy titled Warnings To The Nations (2022/2023 edition). Primate Ayodele stated that he foresees the re-surfacing of Ebola virus in some African countries. The virus first resurfaced in DR Congo and now in Uganda. Also, in his annual prophecy book, Primate Ayodele spoke about Jigawa state in Nigeria and asked that the government should be careful about flooding. It is quite unfortunate that the flooding crisis that has erupted in Jigawa has never been experienced before as about 98 people have been confirmed dead according to verified news reports. Benue state has also been under a series of attack and just some hours ago, it was reported that about 14 people were killed by herdsmen. Primate Ayodele had warned the state in his annual prophecy book that there will be a series of attacks, while calling on the government to work against these attacks

Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy Fulfilled As President Putin Escapes Assassination – Naijanewsdirect

  When Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin started a war with the invasion of Ukraine some months back, the prophetic voice that sounded a strong warning to him was Nigeria’s Primate Elijah Ayodele. Though the prophet had revealed that he foresees an escalation and destruction of things between Ukraine and Russia which happened when the war began, he continued to speak regarding the war. One of his first statements to Putin was to put an end to the war if he doesn’t want to be assassinated or killed by some of the people he trusts. He warned that Putin will not go scot-free because God is not in support of the war he is fighting. The fearless man of God added that Putin will escape assassination attempt four times but at the end of the day he will be killed and will not achieve his close down the chapter of Ukraine as a country. These were his words “There will be an assassination attempt on Putin’s life, he will escape four times. They will find all means to appease Putin but he won’t listen. At the end of the day, he will not be able to achieve his aim which is to close the chapter of Ukraine as a country. At the end of the day, Putin will be assassinated though it will take time, but that’s what will lead to his end”. ( Just as the man of God said, news reports making rounds has it that President Putin has just survived an assassination attempt on his life while he was going to his residence. The Mirror, a UK daily, reported that Putin was in his limousine when a "loud bang" was heard from the left front wheel of the car followed by heavy smoke. Putin managed to escape unhurt following which he was quickly taken to safety by

Primate Ayodele Begins Construction of Multi-Million Naira 50,000-Capacity Church Auditorium – Naijanewsdirect

  The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has begun the construction of a multi-million naira 50,000-capacity church auditorium in Oke-afa area of Lagos state. The 50,000-capacity auditorium is necessary due to the high influx of members joining the church on a daily basis due to the mighty manifestation of God’s power in the ministry of Primate Elijah Ayodele. The prophet who once revealed that he started the church with a little above 20 members made it known that the expansion of the church auditorium is basically a result of God’s instruction and not for personal glory. He explained that God has blessed his ministry with increase and in order to create more space for the thousands of people that throng the church premises during service, there is need for the expansion. Apart from the church building, Primate Ayodele has built a multi-million naira digital office that is set to be commissioned soon. ‘’INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church is a movement that started with God and still remains in God up till now. This is a ministry God gave to me and blessed with so much increase over the years. We started with about 20 members and never envisaged that one day, we would grow beyond our current space. During every service in this church, we normally have thousands of people including old members and intending members and our current space can’t contain us any longer. Due to this reason, there is a need for an expansion and with God’s support, we are expanding to a 50,000-capacity auditorium’’. ‘’It is also important to note that this isn’t for my personal glory or we are copying other ministries, this is a divine instruction from God and a spiritual need for the people of God’’. In our world today, many believe that the number of church

Primate Ayodele Surprises ‘Omije Oju Mi’ Crooner, Bunmi Akinnanu With Car Gift On Her Birthday (Video) – Naijanewsdirect

  The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has surprised popular gospel musician, Evangelist Bunmi Akinnanu Adeoye with a car gift to celebrate her birthday on Monday, 1St Of August, 2022 at the grand finale of the church’s ‘God will not put me to shame’ 7th anniversary. While presenting the car gift, Primate Ayodele described Evang. Bunmi Akinnanu as his ‘fourth daughter’ whom he has been watching since she was young, while noting that he chose to celebrate her because he discovered something is missing in her life. The man of God explained that Evangelist Bunmi once shared with him how she was fought and thrown into the gutter by someone whom she borrowed a dress from. ‘’I want to celebrate a birthday celebrant, Evangelist Bunmi Akinnanu; my daughter and ‘fourth born’ today.’’ ‘’You did your song ‘Omije Ojumi’ while you were still young and struggling, you shared a story of how you borrowed a dress from someone who later fought you in public. I watch so many artistes but I see something is missing in you. You have done songs for several people but they didn’t give you that missing thing. ‘’ ‘’You go to lot of churches but pastors don’t appreciate you, they don’t know your value but today I want to surprise you and give to you what is missing in your life today’’ Before unveiling the gift, Primate Ayodele requested that Evang Bunmi bless the congregation with her unique and serenading voice. It was an emotional moment for her when the man of God brought out the car key and presented it to her. She couldn’t help but show gratitude to God and Primate Ayodele for allowing God to use him. Watch Video Below

Primate Ayodele Mourns Lagos APC Chieftain, Kemi Nelson, Pens Emotional Tribute – Naijanewsdirect

  The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has penned down an emotional tribute for APC women leader, Chief Mrs Kemi Nelson who died on Sunday, 17th Of July, 2022. In a statement released by his media aide, Primate Ayodele described Kemi Nelson as a true mother who died unexpectedly at a time when she was needed most. The man of God revealed that he has known Kemi Nelson for the past 31 years and has shown great qualities he hasn’t seen in anyone of her kind of calibre. Primate Ayodele explained that Kemi Nelson was a lover of God, didn't try to influence God’s prophecy with money and always separated politics from religion. He urged people of great calibre to learn from the kind of exemplary life she lived, while praying that God grants her eternal rest. Read statement below I sympathize with the Nelson family on the demise of an amazon, role model, a Christian leader, Chief Mrs Kemi Nelson who died unexpectedly especially at this crucial time when she is needed. I have known her for the past 31 years and there are so many qualities I saw in her that I have not seen in anyone of that calibre. Kemi was a true mother and a lover of God. Kemi was a true believer, I was her prophet and I’m proud to say it. When she was removed as SSG, She told me she believed God will pick her up, she strongly believed in God in tough times and never for once left his side. Whenever there is a spiritual message for her, Kemi never tries to influence it with money, she listens, carries out the instructions, and doesn’t play politics with religion. Kemi Nelson was a true politician, a mother, a believer, a die-hard lover of APC who stood by the

Primate Ayodele’s Prophetic Warning On Dana Airline Crisis Comes To Pass – Naijanewsdirect

  As the day passes by, Primate Elijah Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church continues to prove his call as a true man of God with the fulfillment of his prophetic warnings and revelations. His prophetic works have been more pronounced since the release of the 2022/2023 edition of his annual prophecy book titled Warnings To The Nations. The latest edition was released on Saturday, 9th Of July, 2022 at his Lagos church. Since the release of the prophecy book, no day has passed without the fulfilment of some prophecies in the book and the glorifying thing is they are not from a particular sector alone, prophecies on education, security, politics, business, individuals, corporate organizations included in the Warnings To The Nations have been getting fulfilled. Some of the fulfilled prophecies include the forceful exit of Sri Lanka president from office, fire outbreak at Bodija market, plane crash in Greece, abnormal heat wave in Europe, Crisis in Italy, to mention a few. In addition to the fleet of fulfilled prophecies from Warnings To The Nations 2022/2023 edition is the crisis currently faced by Dana Airline, a top Nigerian airline. The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) announced the suspension of Dana Airlines’ Air Transport Licence (ATL) and Air Operator Certificate (AOC) indefinitely, with effect from midnight of Wednesday, 20th July, 2022. According to the authority, the suspension was made pursuant to Section 35(2), 3(b) and (4) of the Civil Aviation Act, 2006 and Part of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations (Nig.CARs), 2015. On Page 340 of WTN 2022/2023 edition, Primate Ayodele noted that he foresees Dana Airline facing a major challenge and that their operations will not run smoothly. These were his words: ‘’DANA AIR: The airline will be faced with challenges. I foresee that the management will make frantic efforts to expand their routes and the number of aircrafts