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The Oranmiyan Invasion Into Osun Politics – Naijanewsdirect

By Wale Adebisi Osun is the state created in 1991 by the military government of maximum military ruler Gen. Babangida. It is the central home of the Yorubas with a rich central values and heritage. Osun has population of about two million people, then which by now is being evaluated to 4.5 million populations. The state is blessed with arable land that is suitable for agricultural purposes and strategically located within the southwestern state. Despite this, the state remained the most poorly managed and poorly developed in the country. Bad governance, corruption and lack of respect for the rights of the citizen brought suffering and so much pain, the majority of the people live extremely in poverty while those in government carried on as if everything is fine. In April 16th, 2005, Rauf Aregbesola came on the redemption mission of change through his Oranmiyan movement. The mass movement after coined a powerful Yoruba historical legend who was known as a warrior, a statesman and a nation builder. This movement was a colourful declaration which attracted many prominent and critical mass of the people in the state. Similarly, there were supports and eagerness from the Osun citizens outside the state to be identified with the Oranmiyan movement. The directionless incumbent government in power was not happy about this fast spreading of a new politically motivated movement which was fast eroding their popularity and also exposes their ineptitudeness. Therefore, they engaged in many acts of suppression between 2005 and 2007 which at some point almost killed Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola at Oroki Day celebration by some notorious state sponsored thugs. The ironical scenario was that Rauf was declared wanted by the police in which the real trouble makers who were rained bullets on him were untouched. Ogbeni did not submit to these threats, humiliation and intimidation by these enemies of

Osun Declares Monday As A Public Holiday To Mark New Islamic Year – Naijanewsdirect

  Osun State Governor, Adegboyega Oyetola, has declared Monday as a public holiday in commemoration of Hijrah, 1443 AH. The State Commissioner for Home Affair, Mr Tajudeen Lawal, while speaking on behalf of the Governor on Friday, enjoined the people of the State to use the period of the holiday to pray for the growth and development of the State and Nigeria. Meanwhile, the Muslim Media Practitioners of Nigeria (MMPN) has called on other states across the country and the federal government to declare Muharram 1, the first day of the Islamic Hijrah Calendar 1443 A.H, as a public holiday. The National President of MMPN, Alhaji Abdur-Rahman Balogun, said such a declaration would be in line with the rule of law, fairness and justice. He commended state governors who had declared public holiday for Islamic New Year, especially in the Northern part of the country as well as Oyo and Osun states in South West, urging others to emulate their colleagues. Balogun urged the federal government to give recognition to the Islamic New Year in the interest of fairness as benefitted by the Christian brethren on every January 1. According to him, “Muharram 1 is the Islamic calendar equivalent of January 1 which is observed as a public holiday in Nigeria. “Muslims worldwide will usher in the new Islamic year Hijrah 1443 A.H. on Monday, Aug. 9, 2021. “Muharram 1, is our own January 1, we want both the federal and state governments alike to declare it as such in the interest of religious harmony in the country”, Balogun said. He implored Muslims to rededicate themselves to the cause of building an egalitarian society and join hands with other Nigerians in moving the nation forward.

Trade Integration: Lakingberg LLC, Osun Govt, Dagbolu Int. Trade Centre In Strategic Partnership – Naijanewsdirect

  It is a new dawn in trade integration across the globe with Nigeria hoping to take a strong lead. This and many more were some of notions behind a new strategic international trading partnership between the Government of Osun State, Dagbolu International Trading Centre,Oshogbo and Lakingberg LLC, an International trade and business consulting company with headquarter in Washington DC, led by US based renowned International Trade Lawyer and Consultant, Attorney Olugbemiga Ojo.   The project which is in line with the Nation’s economy diversification plan, will create massive wealth with oppourtunities for farmers, Manufacturers and Miners alike. With access to export trade into the international markets through the eximtradeoptions B2B global trade platform where there are ready made foreign buyers. The partnership which is expected to witnessed active representation of the three groups, will ensure easy transportation through rails, Private & Public synchronization, Commercialization and coordination of activities at the dry port, and terminal Operations to ease the storage and transportation of cargo among others. After the strategic meeting between the three groups, on Wednesday 28th April 2021, Commissioner for Commerce, Industry, Cooperatives and Empowerment in Osun State Dr. Olabode Olaonipekun conducted Mr. Ojo and the Lakinberg team around to physically access the dry port area, the rail tracks and spots where important infrastructures would be set up.   Meanwhile, Ojo affirmed that amongst the objectives of this MOU is the creation of consumer spending through employment created by commercial activities, trade and exchange as well as Foreign Direct Investments and macro-economic development.

“How I Became A King In Nigeria After I Stayed In The United Kingdom For 22 Years” – Naijanewsdirect

  Becoming a king in Nigeria is not a bed of roses, especially when the person to be crowned a king has spent over 20 years in the United Kingdom. As the popular saying goes, ‘uneasy lies the head that wears the crown’ so also it was before the head wears the crown.   For His Royal Majesty, Oba Muraina Adebanjo Adedini, the Asoya of Ile Isoya in Ife Kingdom, the story was not different. This year will make it ten years he was crowned the king of the aforementioned town in Ile-Ife, Osun state.   Although, he was born in Ile-Ife many years back, brought up in Mushin area of Lagos and returned to Ile-Ife to spend some years before he subsequently travelled to the United Kingdom where he spent 22 years before his enthronement as king of the ancient town. Oba Muraina Adedini, the pioneer king of the historical town of Ile Isoya, Ife kingdom contested with other qualified prominent sons who’re local residents of the town before sheer providence positioned him for the kingship of the town.   “It wasn’t very easy because I contested with few other prominent sons of the town who are local residents of Ile-Ife when I came back from abroad.”   Recounting his experience in an exclusive interview with Naija News Direct, Oba Muraina Adebanjo Adedini said he left the United Kingdom to contest for the throne in order to bring meaningful development and progress to the town of Isoya, a mission he has been achieving since he became the king years ago.   Speaking further, Oba Muraina Adedini reiterated that Isoya is an historical town because during the Modakeke and Ife crisis, the town served as place of abode for Modakeke and Ife wives and children, “that was where they kept their wives and children, while husbands go to war.”