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IBEDC Appeals To Okeho Community, Says Better Days Ahead – Naijanewsdirect

In response to an online publication over the poor power supply experienced by the communities at Okeho (LGA) in Oyo State, and complaints of inadequate metering and high billing of customers, the Management of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) Plc, has appealed for calm from the affected communities assuring them that the power supply situation would soon improve.   A statement by the Chief Operating Officer of the Company, Engr. John Ayodele said that a 132 KV line supplies the 11 LGs from Oyo town to Iseyin, Okeho, Otu, Paapo, Ago-Are up to Saki, and this puts a lot of pressure on the infrastructure, which is the reason for its poor performance.   In response to this challenge, the Federal Government has commenced construction of a new 132 KV line to augment and improve the present supply. “In addition, we are about to energize the control room at Ogan to enable effective supply arrangement by stepping down the 33KV line to 11KV, this will serve the communities better”. Engr. Ayodele explained.   Engr. Ayodele further said that Okeho is on service band E, which means that they should get an average supply of four hours daily, but currently they get an average of five hours. Also in line with NERC stipulated tariff, the communities are billed monthly on cumulative average of computerized daily supply in compliance with the capping policy.   “IBEDC is a customer-centric organization, and we are working on metering our customers to put an end to the billing issues. As soon as we begin more deployment of meters under the National Mass Metering Programme (NMMP) or any other scheme approved by NERC, we shall continue to meter our customers based on the service band categorization for ease of distribution” Engr. Ayodele also pleaded with the esteemed customers at Okeho to remain patient and embrace constructive dialogue

IBEDC Celebrates With Muslim Faithfuls, Preaches Safety During Ramadan – Naijanewsdirect

The Management of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) wishes all our esteemed customers and Nigerians a happy Eid -Mubarak. This was contained in a goodwill message from the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Engr. John Ayodele, where he urged Muslim faithful to imbibe the virtues and morals of the Ramadan season of selflessness and piety.   Engr. Ayodele said “IBEDC is aware that our customers are looking forward to enjoying uninterrupted services during the holidays, so, we are committed to ensuring this as much as is within our remit and control.   “Our technical crew are also available to rectify any faults that may arise during this period, but we appeal that none of our staff going about their lawful duties should be harassed or molested in any way. IBEDC would explore all available legal options to seek redress should any of our staff become a victim of harassment”.   He further pleaded with customers and all Nigerians that while celebrating the Ramadan to observe and adhere to the COVID- 19 safety protocols of hand washing, use of face masks and physical distancing as recommended by Nigerian Centre Disease Control (NCDC). It is also important that other safety precautions such as proper supervision of children to prevent electrical accidents, no cooking or trading under a high-tension wire and engagement of quacks to fix faults are equally observed.   Engr. Ayodele finally urged customers to take advantage of our Hassle-free payment platforms- Fetswallet, Quick teller, etransact, Payarena, Jumia and USSD to pay their electricity bills promptly and vend to ensure uninterrupted power supply.   “Our payment centers will remain open during the holidays from 9am-3pm daily to attend to customers for bill payment, vending, enquiries and complaints, customers can reach us via our Customers care lines 07001239999 which will be open all through the holidays.

IBEDC Takes Safety Sensitisation To Motor Parks – Naijanewsdirect

  As the world commemorates the 2021 World Safety and Health Day, the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) has charged motorists on safety tips to avoid electricity hazards. The event tagged Domestic Safety Sensitisation was held at Egbeda Interstates Motor Park, in Ibadan on Wednesday. In his address, the IBEDC Chief Operating Officer Mr John Ayodele, represented at the event by Mr Victor Ojelabi enjoined commercial motorists to adhere strictly to domestic safety regulations to avoid electricity hazards. He said "the park management system in Oyo State has been a good collaborator and partner with us in ensuring the message of safety. "We partner with them so that they don't park their vehicles under high tension wires and also ensure that they educate their members, and they have been doing a good job on that. "The chairman had been very helpful and cooperative hence the need to reiterate the messages as we commemorate 2021 World Safety and Health Day." Ayodele emphasized the need to think safety first, to make safety a priority and to realise that safety is very important in all the franchise areas of IBEDC. "We are not only just distributing power, we also think of the safety of our customers, we want everyone to handle electricity with safety in mind. "IBEDC will roll out more programmes in all its franchise areas to ensure that people adhere to safety regulations," he said. In his lecture, IBEDC, Head of Safety Unit, Mr Biodun Dirisu charged participants on ensuring that they engaged competent and licensed electrical contractors for building wiring and installations and also used quality materials. He urged commercial motorists to ensure they obey traffic rules and not over speed to avoid hitting electricity poles and other infrastructure while driving. In his remarks, the Deputy Branch Chairman Egbeda Interstates Unit, Pastor Timothy Alhazan, appreciated the efforts of IBEDC at sensitizing motorists

Mass Metering: IBEDC Customers Laud Govt Initiative, “It’s A Relief From Estimated Billing Metering” – Naijanewsdirect

  Some customers of the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) have lauded the National Mass Metering Programme of the federal government, stating that it's a relief from estimated billings.   They stated this at the official launch of the National Mass Metering programme in Ibadan on Wednesday organised by the IBEDC.   Mrs Oyetayo Adeosun, a customer at Ikolaba said she was happy to be one of the beneficiaries of the ongoing mass metering programme of the federal government of Nigeria.   "The free meter that we got last week as being a great relief because before it's been an issue of why do we get this much, are we being charged according to what we use?   "But now it's been fair we are going to get what we used," Adeosun said.   Another customer, Mrs Bola Ayinde said "I am happy about the meter. So, God will bless Nigeria and Oyo State.   Also, Amos Agboola, a customer at Ikolaba area said the meter was given to him free of charge.   "Since installed, the new installation is a good improvement and for us, we can see the energy usage and it can help us monitor it to know when to make online payment.   "I think it is a good improvement for both the consumers and distributors as it is connected to there network also," Agboola said.   In his remarks, Mr Ayo Adio, the Head of Customers' Support of the IBEDC said sensitisation has been ongoing to let customers under its franchise know that they don't have to pay to anybody to get meter as the federal government has made it available for free.   Adio who spoke on behalf of the management of IBEDC said "Customers are not paying for them. The essence of this programme is to discourage estimated billings, which customers have been complaining about.   "We believe within few weeks most of the customers designated

IBEDC Commiserates With Families Of Fallen Cable Victims – Naijanewsdirect

The Management of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) Plc hereby deeply  commiserates with the families of Mr Oladeji Olatunji Kango and Mrs Kemi Adegoke ,who died as a result of an electrical accident that happened along Iwo/Adogba road ,Oyo State. We  are currently working with families of the  deceased at this difficult period to help provide  some measure of succour. Investigations have begun to ascertain the facts of the case, whilst all necessary protocols and reports to the regulatory authorities have been initiated. Our team of Engineers are already carrying out safety routine  maintenance  to forestall such occurrences.

IBEDC To Launch Mass Metering Programme – Naijanewsdirect

  The Federal Government has introduced a meter rollout scheme under the National Mass Metering Program (NMMP) as part of effort to further bridge the country’s metering gap and also cushion the effect of the Service Reflective Tariff on electricity consumers in Nigeria. Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company Plc (IBEDC) will commence the rollout of free meters to customers under NMMP by the third week of November,2020.   The Chief Operating Officer of the Company, Engr. John Ayodele in a statement, said In line with this program, IBEDC is committed to driving the rollout through a series of metering registration and distribution points across different locations within its franchise. This metering initiative is designed to ensure a seamless metering process that allows customers to register and be metered quickly after following the due process.   Engr. Ayodele said for the first phase of the program, which will run till the end of December 2020, IBEDC is rolling out over 100,000 prepaid meters to customers, including those who are duly registered, had passed the technical evaluation and paid under the Meter Asset Provider Scheme (MAP).   Engr. Ayodele further added that the primary objectives of the National Mass Metering Program amongst other things are to increase the metering rate in Nigeria, curb losses and increase financial flows to the industry at large.   He further said ‘’Part of the objectives also includes the elimination of estimated billing, improving network monitoring capability and strengthening the local content in meter manufacturing in Nigeria.   The National Mass Metering Program (NMMP) is expected to roll out six million meters over the next 18 to 36 months across Nigeria. In a different development, IBEDC also wishes to inform its esteemed customers that it has received the newly approved capping policy-order NERC/214/2020 from our Regulators, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC). The policy took effect from the 1st of

IBEDC Celebrates Customer Service Week, Says It Is Committed To Excellent Service Delivery – Naijanewsdirect

  The Management of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company Plc (IBEDC) has joined the world to kick off the 2020 Customer Service Week, with the international theme for this year as “Dream team”.   At IBEDC our 2020 Customer Service goal is geared towards taking service delivery to higher heights through customer centric initiatives that will enable us attend and resolve our customer enquiries, complaints, fault clearing etc. speedily and efficiently across the franchise.   Engr. John Ayodele the Chief Operating Officer (COO) said part of our customer centric initiatives include the newly introduced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, designed to ensure that customers get prompt responses and resolutions.   This platform allows customers to log onto the company’s website @ to check their payment history, view both previous and present bills, make enquires and complaints conveniently. We have also introduced over 38 customer care offices this year alone across our franchise to facilitate easier and quicker access to us.   Engr. Ayodele stated that as part of activities lined up for this year’s Customer Service Week scheduled to run from Monday the 5th through Friday 9th of October, customers will also be rewarded with 40 units of energy credit vouchers across the franchise through a lucky dip starting from Tuesday 6TH – Friday 9th October.   Speaking on the theme “The Dream Team”, Engr. Ayodele emphasized the importance of the customer service week, adding that the week is an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate our most important stakeholders in line with our Mission statement “Distributing Power….Changing Lives”   “The theme for this year, reflects the importance of teamwork in providing outstanding service to all our customers. The IBEDC team are readily available to provide excellent service, which is our commitment to you,” because Without our customers, we will not be in business. “Engr. Ayodele added.   He also appealed to customers to fulfill their

IBEDC Wishes Nigerians Happy Independence Day, Pledges Commitment To Development – Naijanewsdirect

The Management of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company Plc (IBEDC) congratulates all Nigerians on 60 years anniversary of our existence as an Independent nation and a people.   The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company Engr. John Ayodele, said the sacrifices and the ideologies of the founding fathers should remain the watch words for a united and an indivisible country.   Engr. Ayodele who urged Nigerians to continue to contribute to the development of the Country, said the engine room that drives the development of the economy of any country is Electricity.   Based on this IBEDC is committed to contributing its quota to national development through excellent service delivery, improved quality power supply, prompt response to our customers’ complaints and bridging the metering gap across our franchise and setting a new order in the power chain.   Wishing our esteemed customers, a happy Independence Day, Engr. Ayodele said they can reach us via our Customer care channels – call: 07001239999, email: and through the holiday to make enquiries or report faults.   Engr. Ayodele implored customers to take advantage of our Hassle-free payment platforms- Fetswallet, Quick teller, etransact, Payarena, ATM, Jumia and USSD to pay their electricity bills promptly and vend to ensure uninterrupted power supply during the public holiday. “Our offices will remain open during the holiday from 9am-3pm to attend to customers for enquires, complaints, bill payment, vending and other related issues”.   He advised motorists to avoid driving under the influence of alcohol and observe traffic rules to prevent collision with electric poles and other forms of accidents. Happy Independence Day to all Nigerians.

IBEDC Appeals To Customers At Mowe, Ibafo, Magboro Over Poor Electricity Supply, Says Work Is In Progress To Increase Supply – Naijanewsdirect

  The Management of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Plc (IBEDC) hereby apologizes to its esteemed customers at Mowe, Ibafo and Magboro over the poor supply of electricity in the area.   The Chief Operating Officer (C00), Engr. John Ayodele said that the dismal power situation being experienced in those communities is a shared challenge between IBEDC and the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN). He explained that the three communities get their supply from Oke-Aro 132KV/33KV Transmission station, and allocation by TCN for that area is 13 MW, whereas the communities require about 40 MW.   Engr. Ayodele said because the TCN cannot allocate the energy required to serve all the customers at the communities, the only option at this time is to deploy intensive load management thereby ensuring that customers have equal hours of daily supply.   “Another major challenge is that the 33KV which is a straight network is solely under the control of the TCN. Whenever there is a fault, the normal routine is that our Engineers must get an approval from the TCN before repairs can commence and this process is a bit challenging. Also depending on the nature of the fault and the terrain of the network affected the process becomes more cumbersome” Engr. Ayodele added.   He further explained that IBEDC is working on the reconstruction of the old Owode-Egba network to enable some of the communities’ benefit from the newly commissioned Abeokuta Transmission Station at Kobape.   “We are also appealing to our unmetered customers in this locality to take advantage of the Meter Asset Provider Scheme (MAP) to get metered. Our staff are on strict schedules to ensure that customers issues are promptly addressed”.

IBEDC Commences Service Reflective Tariff – Naijanewsdirect

  The Management of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) as part of efforts to deliver excellent service, has commenced the implementation of the Service Reflective Tariff (SRT) from the 1st of September 2020, as approved by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC). The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Company, Engr. John Ayodele in a statement said the new tariff is commensurate and aligned with the quality and availability of power supply committed to each cluster of customers under the Service Reflective Tariff. He explained that the review is critical to the provision of more efficient and reliable service to customers, upgrade aging infrastructure and be more responsive to the complaints of the customers. He said “ the new tariff plan will not only empower us to provide better service, but it will also promote fairness , we therefore appeal for the understanding and cooperation of our esteemed customers as we commence the implementation of the Service Reflective Tariff through prompt payment of electricity bills and vending, as we are resolutely committed to delivering improved and better service” Engr. Ayodele further stated that the tariff review will not affect customers experiencing an average power supply availability of less than 12 -hours per day over a period of one month.