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2023 General Elections: Muiz Banire Writes An Open Letter To Nigerian Politicians – Naijanewsdirect

Dear Nigerian politician, It is difficult to wish you a happy new year as starting a year with the realization that the problems confronting the nation, Nigeria, are still with us could be demoralizing. As you may know, participation in politics in Nigeria demands being a member of a political platform by virtue of our constitutional dictate. Without joining a political party, it is impossible for any aspirant to get into political office in Nigeria to realise his ambition, since independent candidature is alien to our Constitution. To this extent, you need to be a politician to contest. This does not imply, however, that you must be a politician to participate in the political process. You can exercise your franchise in the elections without necessarily joining a political party. However, if you want to influence the candidate of a political party or contest as said earlier, you certainly must become a politician. In the class of these politicians, however, are those who are into one vocation or the other and are just interested in the good governance of the country. These days, current politicians are what the Yoruba refer to as Ojelu (looters) as opposed to Oselu (politicians). As I address this point, do not take offence but you can imagine where your acts and omissions have placed you in the divide, whether you are an Oselu or an Ojelu. The Ojelus thrive on thuggery, material politicking and manipulation of the electoral and judicial  processes. They don’t believe in manifestos or any ideology. They lack programmes or policies they intend to prosecute, should they be availed the opportunity of serving the nation. Due to their escapades, the country is what it is today, as they must amass wealth to the detriment of the masses, perpetuate poverty to dominate the conscience and consciousness of the

Tinubu, Banire And Ethos Of Omoluabi – Naijanewsdirect

By Muiz Banire, PhD The Yoruba culture is one that is very deep in fostering values of respect, love and empathy for one another, even in a state of utter disagreement. This might be the same in many other cultures in Africa, which might make it a continental orientation, but my birth, growth and socialization being a process providentially programmed by destiny to be among the noble people of Yoruba descent, have made me deeply appreciative of these values of Omoluabi. Our parents, by patriarchal and matriarchal decrees, instilled in our memory and thinking that the highest virtues and injunctions imposed by the scriptures can find no better practical expression and living than in the archetypal omoluabi. The Wikipedia online dictionary describes ‘Omoluabi’ as “a philosophical and cultural concept that’s native to the Yoruba people. It’s used to describe a person of good character. The Omoluabi concept signifies courage, hard work, humility and respect. An omoluabi is a person of honour who believes in hard work, respects the rights of others, and gives to the community in deeds and in action. Above all, an omoluabi is a person of integrity.” In all situations, whether of peace or conflict, an Omoluabi must not be found wanting in nobility of heart and character. The above cultural review has become quite imperative due to my recent visit to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, former Governor of Lagos State, under whom I had the honour of serving as a Commissioner for eight good years. This incident would not have been spectacular as to warrant a dedication in this column, if not for the reactions of many people to the visit as my picture with Asiwaju went viral. The said visit to Asiwaju Tinubu, who was receiving treatment and recuperating in London, generated a lot of shock in the system,