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“Why I Gave My Cook of 10 Years A House”, Apostle Suleman Speaks – Naijanewsdirect

  Of all the mysteries that shouldn’t be mysteries, why most churches remain small is perhaps the greatest. Probably, there are a few church leaders who want to keep their ministry small, or who don’t care about growth.   But the Senior Pastor at the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, is making a difference. Aside from speaking regularly about upholding faith and holiness which has caused his ministry’s phenomenal growthacross nations of the world, he is one of the few servants of God who actually want to reach more people, who want to see their mission fully realised, byreaching as many people as possible through sheer giving.   On Sunday the 9th of January 2022, a middle-aged woman who has served as the family cook for ten years, was all of a sudden during the day’s service called out and handed the documents of a house! According to a witness, the woman was so shocked she could not laugh nor cry at the blessing as she reportedly went down in appreciating the servant of God.   Apostle Suleman, while handing over the house documents, stated that the woman has been his house cook for over 10 years without blemish. Besides, he emphasised, she contacted the Anointing from him, offers prayers and prophesies accurately to people and also holds crusades across Edo State, her base.   Apostle Suleman said that the house given to the woman was originally given to the church through one of the woman’s successful divine missions. His words; “Recently, the cook held a crusade in Agenebode town in Edo State. During the crusade, she called out a woman and prophesied accurately to the woman about her daughter who is based in the US and gave her a prophetic word and prayed for a seven-fold restoration. And God honoured her words and the prophecy came to pass. Following the prophecy, the US based daughter and her mother decided to bless the church with the house.”   Giving his reason for

Apostle Suleman’s Unique Gifts, Healing and Prophecy @Yuletide – Naijanewsdirect

  Nothing is as beautiful as a man of God going beyond the pulpit to shower love on the people especially during the festive season. He is actually making them have the feeling that they are indeed valued and that God loves them.   A few days before Christmas 2021, servant of God and Senior Pastor at the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, began with his regular sharing of love by blessing members of the public with various kinds of gifts including cash, foods and expensive materials. As one of the God-given Christian leaders, Suleman has always engaged in charitable giving which undeniably is a huge motivating factor that spurs many to give. Such an act from men of God like Suleman is also a big reason why individual giving in Nigeria has continued to rise despite the country’s slow economy.   He did not stop at that, a day before Christmas, Apostle Suleman had visited hospitals in Edo State where the headquarters of his Ministry is located, to pray for the sick for quick and divine healing while he also donated millions in cash for their treatment and restoration afterwards. Also, a day after Christmas, a young boy born with sealed lips enjoyed the mercy of God through Suleman who prayed and have the boy’s lips open, to the shouts of Hallelujah by worshippers at the capacity-filled post-Christmas special service at the OFM headquarters.   Asked what informs his passion for regular giving, the ‘Restoration Apostle’ posited that, “God wants to love the world through us and the world needs to experience God’s love through us. Love is our propelling force, love is our heartbeat, it powers every move, every action and inaction. Love is the express reflection of God’s heart. That should explain why we make sharing our priority.”   Outside charity, Apostle Suleman

Qualities We Must Celebrate In Apostle Suleman, by Prophetess Rose Kevin – Naijanewsdirect

  It is obviously true that God receives more honour from us when we praise somebody other than God, in the same way that the heavens are declaring the glory of God. Yet, it is rare to find us praising fellow men for sharing kindness, especially if such men are from within the same field or family as we are.   One woman, a prophetess, Rose Kelvin, is standing out in this regard. She is proclaiming the qualities of Apostle Johnson Suleman, a fellow but senior prophet of God in a manner that leaves tongues wagging even beyond their Christian community.   Dissecting the context of Prophetess Kevin’s submission about Apostle Suleman’s activeness in the Christianity fold, “if indeed anything is commendable, we should take delight in commending it”. It implies that “as true Christians, we are commanded to esteem our leaders very highly because of their works in the Lord.”   Apostle Johnson Suleman is listed among top five Nigerian televangelists with impressive charity works. While Nigerians have been lamenting how leaders get richer and ordinary citizens remain below the poverty line, even in the Church, leading figures like Johnson Suleman and the likes have been changing the narrative by giving generously with their divine gifts and from their material possessions. Amazingly, Apostle Suleman does not just assist individuals with cash and material gifts, he does help the government too in providing succour to communities. He once personally sponsored the renovation of some federal roads in his native Edo State!   It is on that note that Prophetess Kevin praised Suleman by urging him not to relent in exploiting the rare opportunity he enjoys as a leader that cares to continue to increase lives, notwithstanding the criticism. “No matter what people do or say, they can’t stop whom God has destined to go far. People don’t really talk about the good works a servant of God

“Why I Appreciate My Wife All The Time”, Apostle Suleman Shares Love Secrets – Naijanewsdirect

  Prior to commanding wives to submit to their husbands the Holy Book taught that spouses are to submit to one another in the fear of God. This is the testimony of Apostle Johnson Suleman, servant of God and senior pastor at the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide.   “When you see me talk about my wife constantly, it is not always her birthday. I am only appreciating her,” stated Apostle Suleman, while answering questions on why he regularly celebrates his wife, Reverend (Mrs.) Lizzy Suleman. “Live with your wife in an understanding way. It isn’t what you get out of marriage that matters but what you put into it. That is what brings glory to God,” the famous cleric adds.   Suleman warns men in his regular preaching to not be ungrateful to their ‘better halves’ because “showing gratitude to your wives can transform low moments into sudden Thanksgivings, joy, and change ordinary opportunities into uncommon blessings.”   Prodded to speak more on the bond of his marriage, the ‘Oracle of God’ admitted that, just like a wife is expected to appreciate her husband for his regular support, he also frequently shows gratitude to his wife and, according to him, it is almost an important daily practice because “it is essential to nurturing a healthy marriage.”   As a busy man who is always on road trips for evangelization, how does he have time for the home, particularly pampering his wife to luxury? Apostle Suleman said one of the things he never misses is saying ‘I Love You’ to his wife, wherever he may be at any particular time. “It is true; I’m a very busy man. But I make it a ritual to send my love to her and this is the simplest duty for a man to keep his marriage. Of course, it can be easy

EFAC Honours Apostle Suleman As ‘2021 Edo Man Of The Year’ – Naijanewsdirect

Famous Nigerian cleric, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has been recognized as man of excellence during the 2021 edition of the Edo Festival and Awards Ceremony (EFAC). The 10th edition of the award which was held in the United Kingdom on Thursday 23rd of September, 2021, celebrated Suleman and other celebrity achievers from Edo State, Nigeria. The ‘Restoration Apostle’ as he is fondly addressed, beat other co-nominees to emerge the 2021 ‘Edo Man of the Year’.     Members of the EFAC organizing team, in a statement monitored a few hours ago, declared that Suleman especially was awarded for his compassionate hands, his commitment as an activist-pastor, for his philanthropy and his selfless services to humanity and courage to speak the truth and stand on truth at all times. He was also honoured for his countless developmental contributions to Edo State and indigenes as well as to humanity in general.   Although it is uncommon to be recognized and celebrated at one’s place of birth, Apostle Suleman’s work of faith and humbling efforts beyond the church’s walls ring so loud enough not to be unnoticed. “EFAC was created to bring Edo sons and daughters together and to celebrate it's rich culture and heritage and also to recognize inspirational Edo individuals for their contributions to the Edo community in various ways, and Apostle Suleman was found among the set that merits the honour,” stated the organizers.     Suleman has been in the ministry for 27 years and, even though he has received countless awards over the years, he says this honour from ‘home’ is a crown on his efforts as changing lives and restoring souls in the Lord’s vineyard.

“Be Strong, Courageous and Stay Focused”, Primate Ayodele Urges Apostle Suleman Amidst Sex Scandal – Naijanewsdirect

  The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has urged the general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman to be strong, courageous and focused even in the midst of the recent sex scandal that rocked his ministry. Primate Ayodele explained that the scandals are just to rock the boat of his ministry but as long as his foundation is in Christ Jesus, the storm will be calm at the end of the day. The man of God revealed that the main person behind the attacks is a popular politician that is after His downfall but on the long run, God will arise to fight his enemies. He advised those behind it to desist from the act because when God is ready to fight back, it will be very disastrous to the masterminds of the scandals. "Apostle Johnson Suleman should not be overly disturbed over the recent scandals that is rocking his ministry. These are gimmicks of the devil to distract the mission of God for his ministry, it is time for him to stay more focused" "It is not out of place that he is going through this phase, but as long as Jesus is the foundation of his ministry, the storm will be calm at the end of the day" "The attacks are coming from different angles but the main perpetrator is a popular politician who is bent on bringing his ministry down but no man can destroy the work of God, it's not possible" "I want to also tell those behind these attacks to desist from it, God is not asleep, they still have time to repent now because if God decides to fight back, it will be a disaster" "Apostle Suleman should stay focused at this time, be Courageous and strong" Primate Elijah Ayodele has been known for speaking up for men

Apostle Suleman: Sunday Adelaja Lied, We’re Pursuing Our Case With Israel Balogun, Declares OFM

The Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide has debunked a claim by one Pastor Sunday Adelaja that its General Overseer, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has backed off in his resolve to pursue legally the case of character assassination against his person by a YouTuber, Israel Goodnews Balogun. Balogun had been invited by the Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, for criminally defaming and cyber stalking Apostle Suleman based on the ministrations the cleric held in Atlanta, United States, and Auchi, Edo State, where worshippers showed their phones to testify to receiving miracle credit alerts in their bank accounts. In a YouTube video posted to discredit Suleman and the crusade, Balogun had called the man of God unprintable names while he also derogatorily refered to him as "a pulpit bandit". In his Facebook post during the week, Pastor Sunday Adelaja had claimed that Apostle Suleman "blamed the holy spirit and refused to appear in court", adding that all the OFM founder needed was for Israel Balogun to "just tender an apology but instead he got too many lawyers involved". This Adelaja's claim the OFM said is "a big lie", as no such statement emanated from either the OFM or Apostle Suleman. The OFM insisted on going ahead with the case legally and to a logical conclusion. "We are going ahead. Adelaja is a liar. Apostle Suleman never made such a statement as posted by Sunday (Adelaja) on his Facebook page," says a statement made available by OFM on Saturday. Barrister Samuel Amune, a legal counsel to Apostle Suleman, said he had only written to Balogun to recant his statements and apologise for using derogatory remarks against his client, adding that Apostle Suleman never said what Adelaja alleged in his Facebook post.  

Abandoned By Hubby, Apostle Suleman Offers Woman N50,000 Monthly For 5 Years, Scholarship For Her 3 Kids – Naijanewsdirect

  The founder of Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide, on Sunday 27th of June, 2021, was once again in his charity mood as he shocked a woman whose husband abandoned with three children, with an amazing life-saving package.   A statement by the OFM media office said that the family was located by the servant of God during the prophetic session after admonishing the congregation with the message titled, Commanding Answers to Prayers’.   “It was a family liberation service for them as Apostle Suleman mentioned two sisters having their eldest with them and many others,” the statement reads. For over three years, this woman had been reportedly abandoned by her husband with their three children who later dropped out of school due to lack of funds.   The situation eventually left the woman with no choice than to relocate to live with her mother who has since been feeding and paying the children’s home lesson fee from her pension.   Characteristic of Apostle Suleman and his wife, Dr. Lizzy Johnson Suleman, who have always been available to lift the poor, the couple announced a surprise support package for the woman with scholarship for the three children and a monthly allowance of N50, 000, for the next five years.   It was indeed an answer to prayer for the lady who had given up all hopes since her husband left.

Apostle Suleman, Wife In 17th Wedding Anniversary Romantic Play – Naijanewsdirect

  Every anniversary is a milestone. Wedding anniversary, especially, is one way lovers choose to reaffirm their undying affection for each other. Saturday, June 5 was a special one for the celebrated servant of God, Apostle Johnson Suleman and his beautiful wife, Reverend Lizzy Johnson Suleman. It was their 17th wedding anniversary.   Insiders say the celebrity couple didn’t restrict their intimate romantic show to the confine of their marital bedroom, but the feelings were taken to the public as they reportedly pampered each other in the full glare of members of their Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) at a special church service organized to mark the occasion. The couple were said to have brought back the memories of the dating years by engaging in a long session of intense cuddling and romantic dance moves to the admiration and applause of the audience that included other OFM top ministers.   “Today is my 17th year marriage anniversary,” the Restoration Apostle, as Suleman is fondly addressed, announced earlier on June 5. Continuing, he said sending a cute, thankful message to his spouse; “Thanks, Baby, for being a golden treasure and a formidable anchor.”   Church insiders spoke of how the Apostle and Reverend Johnson Suleman attempted to recreate events as if it was their first date on June 5. They reportedly conjured up old memories, renewing their wedding vows and were obviously filledwith sentimental feelings of the love of their youth days once again, while they shared some special songs at the altar.   For Reverend Lizzy Suleman, personally, the wedding anniversary was a perfect excuse to demonstrate humanity as she reportedly gathered up the poor and the needy few days ahead of the celebration to share words of love, food and cash gifts with many.   Married in 2004, the union between the Sulemans has produced six cute children. In a press interview during the celebration of their 12th wedding anniversary,

Man Tells Apostle Suleman: With Less Than N5, I Was Paid N65M After Your Prayer – Naijanewsdirect

  A male participant at the May 2021 edition of ‘Wonders Without Number’, a healing and miracle programme organized by the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide, has admitted that he received amazing reward moments after listening to prayers made by the Senior Pastor of the ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleman.   According to the obviously excited man who is into real estate business, he had followed Apostle Suleman’s programme since the first edition. However, he participated virtually in the May edition where he heard the servant of God mention his case and prayed for a positive change. “You mentioned my case. I am into real estate and you prayed that there would be a turnaround,” the participant stated in his thanksgiving statement.   He stated that he posted a house for sale on his WhatsApp platform like he always did which attracted no patronage. But after participating in the last session of the May edition of ‘Wonders Without Number’, he was shocked to have been paid the sum of 65 million naira for the house by a client. “On Sunday, I had less than five naira in my bank account but today my level has changed. Indeed, my time has come,” he declared.   The businessman’s was not an isolated case at the prayer programme, more amazing stories are told by hundreds of other participants who also shared their healing testimonies.   Chizoba from the United Arab Emirate said in her testimony that “I had a serious dislocation on my right knee and I didn't know how it came about. It made sounds at every movement of the leg but God has healed me through ‘Wonders WithoutNumber’. God also gave me a financial breakthrough.” Pastor Emmanuel Eruke who is based in Italy, wrote in his testimony: “You mentioned my case saying someone had a peppery sensation under his feet. Instantly, I received my healing. Since then, the