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How Chief Oyedele Ashamu Triumphed Over False Allegations Against Him – Naijanewsdirect


Late Chief Emmanuel Oyedele Ashamu came out victorious in the High Court of Lagos when five persons took him to court over payment of some parcels of land.


In 1974, standing as plaintiffs in court, Oyekunle Anjorin, Michael Akinola, Chief Williams, Karim Aruna and Yisa Fagbohun, represented themselves and the Alashe Chieftaincy Family, had approached the High Court of Lagos claiming that Chief Emmanuel Oyedele Ashamu owed their family certain amount of money for land the latter bought from them.


The plaintiffs claim against Chief Ashamu, the defendant, was £34,558, being balance of amount due and owed by Chief Ashamu to the plaintiffs in respect of the purchase price of parcels of land at Anthony Village, otherwise known as Abule Yaya, Ikeja, Ikorodu Road, Mushin, Pedro Village, Ikorodu Road, Abule Panu near Ikorodu Road and eastern side of Ikorodu between March, 1966 and June, 1966.


They claimed that the parcels of land sold to Chief Ashamu amounted to £40,900, and out of which he paid £5,341 with balance of £34,558 yet to be paid.

Late Chief Emmanuel Oyedele Ashamu

Chief Ashamu agreed he purchased parcels of land which amount to £40,900 from the family and that the Deed of Conveyances were executed in court. But he also enumerated myriad of troubles he experienced since he bought the land, he discovered that portions of the land have been sold to several other people including Bello Raji, Ajao and Brothers, and late Oladeyi and many more. In effect he hadn’t got possession of the land he purchase from the plaintiffs. He, however, backed up his claims with evidences.

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Chief Ashamu was corroborated that various encroachment took place on the lands. A member of the plaintiffs family who stood as witness revealed and admitted that portions of the land had been sold by his family to other people before and after they sold the land to Chief Ashamu. An instance of this, according to him was the land sold to Bello Raji, and also the one sold to Oladeyi, Ajao Family, as well as lawyer Ajayi.



Speaking further in court, Chief Ashamu maintained that he had settled the plaintiffs, paid for the parcels of land he purchased from them, and also settled with those the plaintiffs had earlier sold portions of the land to with over £100,000. He further tendered in evidence various receipts and vouchers on which he paid several sums of money to the plaintiffs, including the Head of the family, of the first plaintiff. The defendant, Chief Ashamu maintained that he had paid the full purchase price as shown in the conveyance and, on top of that, he had paid them over £100,000 in order to compromise with those to whom the plaintiffs have sold the same portions of land.



The Plaintiffs also made allegation against Chief Ashamu that he made false representations to induce them to sign the Conveyances, whereas the defendant (Chief Ashamu) had not paid them contrary to the content of the conveyance signed by them. The allegation was however dismissed by the court, “I must held on evidence before me that the plaintiffs have failed to prove the allegations of fraud and misinterpretation against the defendant. The evidence for the plaintiffs as a whole is full of contradictions and inconsistencies. It is significant to note that after the conveyance were executed and after this action has been instituted, the plaintiffs prepared and executed a Deed of Ratification, Exhibit 4 on 5th day of May, 1971.”

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