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Boy Stabbed To Death After He Won N15 Million From Sports Betting – Naijanewsdirect


A boy identified as Prince Mieyebi from Warri in Delta State thought his time has finally come when he won about 15 million naira in sports betting.

But as Ill luck may have it, he was stabbed to death by unknown men while awaiting his winnings to be paid into his bank account.

For both young and matured Nigerian men who try their luck in sports betting it is wise to note that announcing your huge winning in sports betting is a risk you’ll take at your peril.


Young Prince Mieyebi from Warri in Delta State looking at his picture is still a young adult whom luck has finally shorn on him when all the games he staked turned green, but unfortunately for him, some people have already gotten wind of his newfound fortune and decided to take his life by stabbing him and taking his phone while he lay in a pool of blood at the gambling shop.

According to the report, Mr. Thomas Ogisi who identified himself as Prince Mieyebi’s uncle disclosed that the men who stabbed did so because of the money he recently won.



Mr. Thomas narrated how they rushed the victim to a nearby hospital and watched him breathe his last before he could even see the money he won.


The stabbing of Mieyebi by these heartless men shouldn’t let slide like that, the people behind this callous act should be found by all means and brought to justice.



As for Nigerian men both young and old who are active in terms of sports gambling, I will advise whenever you make huge winnings similar to the amount this young man won;

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It will be reasonable for you to go claim your winnings with security personnel or simply leave the vicinity you’re currently living in because 15 million naira adding to your net worth immediately confirms you a millionaire.

You wouldn’t want to be found perambulating in a dangerous neighborhood without an armed security detail when you’ve amassed such a huge sum.


Secondly, if you won such an amount of money through sports betting and you’re not sure about your safety, the easiest thing to do is go into hiding and only communicate with the people you trust with your life.


Never reveal your locations or next move to friends or neighbors who may claim they’re happy with your new fortune.

The society we live in currently is a dangerous one and people have been killed for less amount of money.


Rest on Prince Mieyebi, I pray no one in Nigeria sees such an ill fate as this one. After living average most of his life then luck finally comes his way, yet he couldn’t even taste the fruit of his labor before he was brutally cut down like he was nothing.

Please watch your circle and be careful of whom you tell your success stories too.

RIP Prince Mieyebi.

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