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2021 Prophecies Of Top Seer, Primate Ayodele and His Past Fulfilled Prophecies – Naijanewsdirect


Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele has released his 2021 prophecies. He released them on Tuesday, 22nd of December, 2020 in his Lagos prayer mountain in the presence of journalists across the world.


One of them that has come to pass is the attack on churches and mosques. Primate Ayodele in his prophecies stated that He foresees churches and mosques been attacked.

In his words:

“Let us pray against religious crisis. Let’s pray against attacks in the Churches and Mosques in Nigeria. Let’s pray against the killing of people inside the church or other places of worship.”


Just on Wednesday, news making the rounds had it that Boko Haram attacked a church in Chibok, killing at least five people, hereby fulfilling his prophecy.

Another of his prophecy that came to pass is the death of veteran nollywood film maker, Chico Ejiro, The prophet in his prophecy said we need to pray against the death of a nollywood star.



These are his words…

‘Let’s pray against death among Nollywood and Hollywood artistes. Hip-pop artistes should pray against accident. Let’s pray against death of a Fuji and Highlife musician. Let’s pray against the death of a veteran artist’


Another is the fire outbreak in Popular Abuja market, Primate Ayodele noted that He foresees fire outbreak in some popular markets before it happened yesterday night.


‘There will be demolition of markets in some states of the federation. We have to pray against fire in the major markets in Bayelsa, Abia, Sokoto, Kano, Lagos, Oyo and Ondo state. Let us pray not to lose any Market Head, President and leaders in markets. Some markets may protest, some may shutdown because of environmental troubles. ome markets will be shut down, Ariaria Market in Aba, Onitsha International Market, Alaba International Market. Let’s pray against fire outbreaks in some markets.’

Primate Ayodele


2021 Prophecies
2021 is not a smiling year. We need prayers for us to survive. Nigeria needs to manage the second phase of covid-19 properly. Nigeria’s economy will remain unstable. Nigeria can be better in 2021 if we have the right people to handle her economy. Nigeria is sitting on a time bomb. Something will happen that could cause the Buhari government a short break. I am seeing a short break in this government and that is why we need to put the government in serious prayer. President Buhari needs prayer for his health. Let’s pray against death in Aso Villa. Let us pray that Buhari does not cry. There will be much pressure on Buhari and cabals will hijack control of his government. I see an unexpected security challenge in Aso Villa. Aso Villa needs total cleansing. People around Buhari will betray him and let’s pray that the international community does not get involved in Nigeria’s matter. Vice President Osinbajo needs guide and protection. People will gang up against him, within his party, at work and within the system. People should pray for him and the President.


2021 will be a tough year because there will be turbulence. I want to recommend special prayer and fasting between January 1 and January 14, 2021 so there will be peace. Nigeria will protest against Buhari not changing the service chiefs. I see fresh nationwide protests soon. Let us pray not to lose another top military person. The chief of army staff needs prayer because he will face challenges. I see some powerful people involving in the Boko Haram challenges. I see Miyetti Allah causing problems. El-Zaky Zaky followers will stage protest to get freedom for him and they will confront the police. I see a new police IG. But Nigerians will criticize him over ethnicity issue. I see police staging protests because of corruption. I see mutiny in the army where junior soldiers will disobey senior officers. I see changes in DSS and let’s pray against attack and kidnapping of any DSS officer. Amotekun corps will be misused. I see fresh police brutality. People won’t be paid their salaries until there is a protest. CNN and Facebook will be shut down in some countries. Twitter too will have management challenges. Facebook will be sued for libel. BBC management may run into crisis and Aljazeera will be sued for fake news. I see problems in Fox News. NTA will lose a staff. LASACO insurance will face troubles. Some Microfinance banks will shut down because CBN will give them new strict guidelines. Let’s pray not to lose any microfinance MD. Let us pray that we don’t lose any musician. I see crisis in Fuji musicians association.  PMAN must be prayerful to avoid litigations and pray not to lose any veteran musician. Gospel musicians must pray against losing any member. There will be boost in Nigeria’s agricultural production. IDP camps will be attacked and I see diseases ravaging the camps.

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I see some banks collapsing in coming years. The following banks must be careful; Union Bank, Wema Bank, FCMB. Ecobank will have management challenges, Zenith Bank and First Bank will have issues with CBN, and Standard IBTC will have plan or expansion but will run into problem. I see change of leadership in Unity Bank. Access Bank will face litigation and issues with CBN and it should pray against armed robbery attacks. Heritage Bank MD will face board crisis and the bank will have fraud issues. CBN will face challenges and the CBN governor will face a major challenge like scandal. He needs prayer. Let’s pray against explosion in any CBN building. And let’s pray against death in the CBN hierarchy. I see CBN facing corruption challenges. FIRS will come up with new tax policies that people will agitate against. The man in charge of FIRS will be troubled and it may have issues with CBN. I see some companies taking FIRS to court.  I see changes and challenges in Customs. Let’s pray against death of a Customs officer. I see borders being opened partially. Customs will intercept a large cache of ammunitions and poisonous food items at the borders. I see corrupt Customs officers being exposed. I see changes at the helm of affairs of Nigerian immigration. The immigration will encounter influx of foreigners into Nigeria. I see fake passports in circulation. I see fresh prison breaks. Let’s pray against death of inmates in prison.


Some Nigerian states will break down in payment of workers’ salaries. The economy will be fluctuating. I see rancor in NNPC. The NNPC GMD will face a major challenge because there will be mismanagement under him. Nigeria will be indicted in the P&ID fraud case and it will expose so many things. The Halliburton case will put a lot of top Nigerians in cage. I see new top management in EFCC. EFCC will expose more dirty dealings in Nigeria because I see the international community calling their attention to deals of corrupt politicians. Nigeria can qualify for Nations Cup and World Cup but the present coach will not take Nigeria football to the next level. I see plots to dent the efforts of sports minister. I see a new NFF president coming from the North. Let’s pray against death of one-time footballer in Nigeria. Let’s pray against disappointment in Under-17, Under-20 and Under-23 teams and even Super Eagles. Corruption in NFF will be exposed. Nigeria and Nike will have issues that can cause withdrawal of contract from Nike. Let’s pray against accidents among the local clubs. I see coaches facing troubles and disappointments. Let’s pray against attack on a referee. The League Management Company (LMC) will fine some clubs because of match fixing and it will come up with new regulations. I see a new CAF president. CAF must pray against losing a former executive. CAF will face problems. CAF will start regularization of matches and it will be taken to court. I see divisions in CAF. Some coaches in Barclays League and La Liga will be sacked. Messi will not shine in Barcelona, he will be frustrated.  I see death of a football club owner in La Liga, premiership league even in Nigeria and Africa. Some local coaches in Nigeria will face challenges in their clubs which would cause their removal.

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The following countries football association chairmen must be prayerful. I see the seat of Ghana football chairman under threat; Cote d’Ivoire, Zambia, Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso football chairmen should be watchful so they don’t run into major crises. The price of petroleum will crash globally and there will be a new regulatory system. OPEC executive will face issues. I see Saudi Arabia’s oil truck being attacked. I see insecurity challenges in states like Osun, Ekiti, Ondo, Ogun, Katsina, Kano, Bauchi, Kaduna, Borno, Abuja and Kebbi. Herdsmen will resume attacks. Some sponsors of kidnapping will be exposed. Cultism will be rampant and Edo State is not safe. Insecurity issues will be high in Delta State, Imo State, and others. I see government setting up a new anti-kidnapping security squad.  NLC will still fight government because of unpaid salaries. I see death and troubles in World Health Organization. I see United Nations helicopter being attacked. I see plane crash that will involve personalities. I see bridge collapse in Nigeria. Let us pray. I see building collapse. I see demolitions in Lagos State due to water upsurge. I see refineries being collapsed. Dangote refinery will work only temporarily. Dangote’s trucks will kill people and they will be burnt down. I see Honeywell shutting down some of its companies. BUA Sugar will have issues and taken to court. Oando will face litigation and the MD must pray against attack, loss and bereavement. APC will break. The cabal will take over APC. Tinubu must stop his presidential ambition. The North doesn’t want him and they will work against him. Tinubu will be sidelined, used and dumped. PDP must work on APC weaknesses in order to win presidency in 2023. I see more defections from PDP. I see another PDP governor crossing to APC. Tambuwal has chance for presidency but he will be frustrated. I see plots to frustrate PDP reconciliation efforts.  APC may kill PDP if PDP does not put its house in order. APC may break after 2023. I see constitutional amendment. I see electoral amendment. I see death of a senator and reps member. State Assembly speakers will be removed and state governors will have issues among themselves. Let’s pray against death of an INEC commissioner. PDP chairman will be removed. Zoning issue will cause problems in APC. APC will look for a Northerner to take over the party from Tinubu’s grip. Some governors seeking for second term will not get it. I see political tension in these states; Oyo, Osun, Kano, Kaduna, Zamfara, Adamawa, Katsina, Adamawa, Kwara, Kogi, Sokoto, Anambra, Imo and Abia. Let’s pray against political assassinations. APC will not win Anambra governorship election in 2021 no matter what strategy it uses. I see dethronement of a king and attack on a king’s palace. I see Julius Berger indicted. Let’s pray not lose a one-time governor. Government will shut down markets in Lagos, Imo, Anambra, Abia States. Some governors will be politically retired. AMCON will do everything to recover debts owed by politicians.


MTN will face litigation and will be fined. NCC will issue new codes to telecommunication companies. MTN directors will have problems. I see fire outbreak in MTN. 9Mobile will sack some staff. All telecoms outfits will face serious network challenges from March to December 2021. Etisalat may run into debt. Let’s pray against death of any telecoms personality. I see division in Boko Haram hierarchy. Boko Haram leader, Shekau will be betrayed by his close aides. I see terrorist groups in Nigeria breaking into three. Nigeria will be facing a major terrorist challenge. Chevron will have challenges. Parts of ExxonMobil will leave Nigeria. I see Mobil helicopter crashing. Let’s pray that Nigerian Air Force plane does not crash. Nigerian Navy will fight illegal bunkering and Naval personnel will be involved in illegal oil deals. House of Reps speaker, Gbajabiamila will face scandal and he should pray not to mourn. They will plot against his leadership. Senate president, Lawan will face battles and he will face challenges. SFG Boss Mustapha should be watchful because they will plot against him. Edo governor, Obaseki will face challenges and litigation. His party, PDP, will fight him. Ogun State governor, Lagos State governor, Adamawa State governor, Osun State governor and Oyo State governor will face conspiracies and political gang-up. I see fresh attacks on police stations. Let’s pray against fire outbreak in any of the federal secretariats in Abuja. Lagos State government house should pray against fire outbreak. Let us pray not to lose any local government chairman in Lagos State.

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Government will come at churches and mosques. I see attacks on churches and mosques in every part of the world. Prices of sugar, salt, milk and other home essentials will increase. Let’s pray against tribal crisis between Yoruba, Hausa and Ibo. I see crisis in the army. I see cholera ravaging police and army barracks. Let’s pray against attacks in army and police barracks.  I see train derailment. Let’s pray against bloodbath and protests that will shut down the economy. Electricity companies in Ibadan, Kwara, Lagos and others will have problems and people will complain about their tariffs. I see fire tension in the Discos plants. I see death of a judge. Let’s pray against any Supreme Court judge. I see lawyers protesting. I see problems in NUJ. Let’s pray against death of any editor, publisher and social media analyst. Government will fight fake news in the social media. Let’s pray any governor and minister having accidents. Let’s pray against death of a past Nigerian leader. I see changes in some state chiefs of staff.  Let’s pray we don’t lose any state commissioner.  Osun governor must pray not to lose a very dear person. NPA will face problems. I see death of Emirs. I see death of an oba in Yorubaland. I see Ezes having challenges. Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB must be careful because they will rise against his efforts.  I see a new disease in Africa. I see some medical directors being removed in Lagos State. Let’s pray against death of a SAN, a VC and a professor. I see a rector being removed. I see VCs having challenges. I see some airlines having cash troubles. Overland Airlines will have problem with its staff. Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopian airlines and South Africa airlines will have major confusions. Let’s pray that no aircraft overshoot runway in Nigeria. Caverton Helicopters will face problems. Let’s pray against more deaths from covid-19 in Nigeria. Those behind Boko Haram are politicians and Emirs. Ebola will return to Africa. Some African countries will experience polio. Lassa fever will return. I see uprising to remove some African presidents. I see death of a vice president, prime minister and minister in Africa. EU will have financial issues over covid-19. UN staff will be kidnapped. I see some regions agitating for their independence in Africa and other parts of the world especially in Asian countries. Let us pray.

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